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Pimp Your Ride

For a tackle junkie few things excite as much as a new reel fresh out of the box. That new reel feel, the smoothness of the first spin of the handle, and of course the anticipation of what lies ahead when you’re spooling up your reel for the first time…

Fishing the flats

Flats fishing is without doubt my favorite form of fishing, I just love sighting a fish and casting at it, seeing its reaction whether it flees for safety or eats the lure, it’s addictive! I spend four months every year guiding on Cape York, most of it fishing the flats…

Bream on the flats

By Darren Weda One of the best and most effective ways to target bream with lures is on the flats. By flats I mean any piece of water that’s bottom is generally flat or very slight gradient, but is generally 1m deep or less and covers a fair area. Flats…

Double Clutch

By Mark Gercovich. Remember the “general purpose” fishing rod? Now there’s a rod style we never see any more as tackle companies are well aware of the impossibility of making a rod that covers every fishing scenario. I do remember as a kid though a Daiwa ‘Aussie stick’ general purpose…

TD Battler Spinning Rod – Beowolf

By Vicki Lear The TD Battler Spinning Rod has quickly become my favourite rod in the rack. I will pick it up to go inshore snapper fishing, casting or trolling for yellowbelly and bream/flathead fishing. It has become quite versatile and seems to cope well with whatever jobs I throw…

Flicking for Sydney flathead

By Sami Omari Flathead are one of those wonderful species that are readily accessible to most anglers and are quite aggressive, hitting baits or lures with gusto without being overly fussy. I often fish for Flathead in Sydney Harbour, especially when I have a few hours spare and decide to…

Birds, baitfish, and bent rods! AIRD Combo

By Andrew Badullovich As we delve into autumn, there’ll be an abundance of bait-fish activity within our coastal estuaries. A typical autumn morning will see the cool calm water periodically disturbed with the ripples of nervous bait-fish breaking the smooth surface. These bait-balls are dominated with small anchovies, and predatory…

Resurrecting the old!

Have you ever had an old rod/reel combination that is still functional, catching fish, yet you still upgrade to the newer lighter and more technologicaly advanced gear? I do, I admit I’m a tackle junkie but I still have a bunch of Daiwa outfits I used when professional guiding in…

ABT Tweed

I was pretty happy with the results at the first round of the ABT over the weekend. I wasn't quite ruthless enough for the win and didn't quite feel 100% in the game, but I made the most of what I had and ended up with a good result! Massive…

Inky Business: The basics of Egi/Squid fishing

By Jesse Rotin Coming into autumn most people have been chasing species still abundant in the warmer conditions. But as the weeks get cooler resulting in still flat days, Egi or squid fishing becomes a top priority on a lot of anglers minds because of their irresistible taste and the…