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J-Braid – Its No Cheesy Line – Andrew Badullovich

J-Braid. By Andrew Badullovich. #BeAStrongFighter Fishing line; whether it is braid or mono, is an important component of fishing. With a plethora of variety on the market these days, we are spoilt for choice. This said…there are lines, and there are lines! Let’s focus on braided line. Most brands retail…

South of the Border – May News – Mark Gerkovich

With an extended run of very ordinary autumn weather allowing for the tuna blinkers to come off for a while, it gave me a chance to do something else during the month of May. Something we used to do a lot at this time of year before May became tuna…

Daiwa Freams 2004 – Kosta Linardos

By Kosta Linardos – Hooked Up Magazine.  I will not deny I’m a “gear snob”, even though it’s totally justified as fishing reels are essentially my work tools. I love Japanese reels and all my favourite reels are made in Japan. The Japanese just do it better, there is no…

Emeraldas Jig Case – Darren Weda

By Darren Weda. While fairly new to squid fishing, I had always wondered what the best way was to store and carry these larger profile lures. So after getting a collection of squid jigs, I decided to look into some storage options and came up with the Daiwa Emeraldas range…

TD Commander – As Sweet as a Strawberry – Andrew Badullovich

TD Commander – Electric Strawberry. By Andrew Badullovich. I’ll start by saying; that this is the sweetest little rod that I have used for cranking hard-bodied lures off river and lake edges for bream! I have found the Electric Strawberry to be the perfect compromise between a distance rod, and…

2015 Freams 2500 – Surface Tactics in the Tropics – Mark Bargenquast

Fishing the Freams 2500. By Mark Bargenquast. It’s no wonder anglers worldwide love surface fishing, it’s the thrill of that explosion all over your lure as something eats it, forget the focus on GT popping which has taken the world by storm, almost every other predatory species can be caught…

Essentials of Rock Fishing – Part 2 – Jamie Robley

By Jamie Robley. Australia has no shortage of magnificent headlands, points and rock ledges dotted around the entire country. Not only is it possible to encounter an extraordinary variety of fish from these rocky fringes, many species are aggressive predators that will eagerly pounce on lures. Whilst distant or exotic…
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New Presso RCS has arrived

Are you an avid trout angler? Then imagine being able to customize your new Presso, Exist or Ignis reel so it feels better, looks better and performs better in your hand. Well, now you can! Daiwa introduces a stylish range of Presso upgrade parts to help you to customize your…

Southern Black Bream

By Micah Adams. Had a short short session today on a nearby small lagoon full of nice sized southern black bream. Using his Hobie Pro Angler, with the raised seat is superb, comfortable and functional, and the stability of the Kayak allows you to stand and fish which makes a…

On the stones at Exmouth – The Fishing DVD

A classic morning on the rocks below the lighthouse at Exmouth WA. Shore based fishing is something many of Fishing DownUnders’ viewers have told us they want to see, and we’ve been getting some great rock fishing action. The first time I fished this particular rock ledge was back in…