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Jbraid hero

J-Braid – Mark Gercovich

Choosing rods and reels is always an interesting concept, it’s not like taking a car for a test drive, you can’t walk into a tackle shop and say ”Can I see what that one feels like when I’m hooked up to a rampaging…”   With choosing braid for that new reel,…
Phantom Flicking Hero

Phantom Flicking – Jamie Robley

While we see so much kayak and boat fishing for estuary favourites like bream and flathead in the angling media these days, the truth is you don’t actually need much more than your own two feet to get into some action with these and other estuary species. Many big name…
Zillion TW Hero

2015 Zillion TW vs 2014 Zillion TWS- Simon Goldsmith

Zillion 2.0: Having reviewed the Zillion TWS (2014 model) only last year the question is, is the 2015 Zillion TW anything different. While the original Zillion released in 2007 quickly became a legend and its successor released in 2014 herald a new age for this much revered reel, was there really…
Hickson J-Braid Hero

J-Braid – Testing 6lb to 60lb – Kris Hickson

#BeAStrongFighter I have always been a fan of softer braids, ever since I started using it 12 or so years ago I couldn’t get my head around the springy fused lines that were so popular. So when I first felt the new Daiwa J-Braid, I knew I was going to…
Magsealed & Kayaks hero

Magseal Technology: An essential Kayak companion – Dale Baxter

There are so many advantages of fishing out of a kayak, stealth approach, access to skinny water, being able launch anywhere, shallow flats and the list goes on. I have had some of my best fishing where you can’t get a boat into and landing big fish in shallow water…

Woofing the Tropics – Mark Bargenquast & Justin Duggan

Bargy on the TD Woofer The new Daiwa TD Woofer has certainly taken top shelf in my tackle box. After testing a few woofers down in Hervey Bay and getting good results on threadfin salmon, flathead and Barra it was time to try this new exciting lure in tropical Queensland,…
BL V26102_Hero

Cold water Vibe: Black Label 6102 LXS – Andrew Badullovich

As we delve into winter, we tend to approach a day’s fishing with different tactics. Bream are one such target that will see anglers use contrasting techniques to fill their bag. The warmth of the summer water call anglers to crank the shallow flats; while on the flip-side, winter will…
Stay up late Hero

Stay Up Late, When the Bass Won’t Bite! Dave Rae

On a recent 3-day bass trip to a beautiful bass river, we thought we’d venture into a true wilderness area and fish some truly pristine water. The stretch of river we chose is fished very rarely, perhaps 3 or 4 times each season and that’s only if the river level…
Family eging hero

Eging with Kids – Eging is fun…! Ben Weston

Since the arrival of my kids new Daiwa combo’s I have been the most harassed dad in Central Queensland. “Dad can we go fishing” has been the most common question in our house, slightly pipping the kids’ endless desire for ice cream. Here in CQ we have recently been dished…
Streetfighter strong Hero

J-Braid – Street Fighter Strong – Josh Carpenter

#BeAStrongfighter Its great to finally be able to reveal what we have been testing for a while now, the new J-Braid. Now I'm not known as a big braid user and I have written more than a few blogs on how much I love the BRAVE fluorocarbon but when it…