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J-Braid Mulloway Hero

Targeting Jewfish at night using Daiwa J-Braid – Leigh Fleet

Targeting Jewfish at night using small to medium soft plastic lures around heavy structure can be very challenging yet super exciting and requires line that is easy to use, highly visible, and is super strong, round and smooth. Testing Daiwa’s new J Braid on light to medium setups and I…
Daiwa Zillion TW1516_hero

Daiwa Zillion TW1516- The Jack Extractor – Dan Kaggelis

When hunting Mangrove Jacks in tight, snag ridden creeks, the bait cast reel is certainly the preferred jack snaring weapon of choice. With the snap of the wrist the bait caster allows anglers to project lures with deadly accuracy into the tightest of spaces which is where your lure needs…
Lake Trout tactics hero

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Lake Trout Tactics – Darren Weda

With all the rivers and streams across Australia closed to trout fishing at this time of year, the only way to get your trout fishing fix will be to visit one of the many freshwater lakes throughout VIC, NSW and Tassie. There are quite a few techniques to try when…
Baitcaster spools hero

The Baitcaster Spool Puzzle – Simon Goldsmith

We can easily be forgiven for thinking that all baitcaster spools are largely the same. In addition to being the holder of a reel’s line the spool also plays an instrumental role in the casting performance and capabilities of the reel. Spool size, weight, depth, width, and rotor (the rotor…
Kelp Bed snapper hero

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Kelp Bed Reds – Dave Rae

Tuned in snapper anglers understand that snapper love kelp. Whether the attraction is primarily food or whether it’s shelter orientated, I’m not sure, but I suspect that both factors play a part. Kelp beds support an ecosystem rich in snapper delicacies. Not only do small fish, a favourite for reds,…
J-Braid Trout hero

J-Braid: Great cast ability for chasing trout – Darren Weda

#BeASTrongFighter For chasing trout you need a thin braid that comes off the spool nicely and guarantees to give you as much casting distance as possible. Using super light lures are crucial for chasing species like trout, but can hinder your casting distance so using a braid that has great…
Inshore Basics hero

Daiwa Fishing Tips: Back to the Inshore Basics – Jesse Rotin

Winter and its fresh cool winds and low temperatures can make us all a little timid and let’s be honest are certainly less desirable than the warm barmy days of summer. Just because it’s cold, does not mean the action is. The winter months can be a more enjoyable time…