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Sokkou Knot tool Hero

REVIEW: Sokkou Knot tool – Darren Weda

For some the task of tying fishing knots is a real struggle, whether it be due to eyesight, fat fingers, technique etc, it can be difficult. In an attempt to make things much easier and quicker for the aforementioned Daiwa have designed and made the Sokkou Knot Tool. Daiwa Sokkou…
Jetty Rat hero

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: The Jetty Rat – Andrew Badullovich

Land-based angling is a favourite form of fishing for me. I grew up chasing all manner of fish species from the shoreline, and found the wharves and jetties to provide great opportunities for the young fishing grommet. When I was a kid, my mates and I would patrol every timber…
Lake Flathead Hero

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Luring Lake Lizards – Jamie Robley

Although dusky flathead can be caught throughout the year, the months ahead are normally best when it comes to catching flatties around the coastal lakes of NSW. Living smack bang between the Tuggerah and Macquarie systems on the Central Coast, I’m even more familiar with the habits of fish here…
Presso Rolling Crank Junior hero

Presso Rolling Crank Junior – Chris Seeto

It’s time to start dusting off those spring/summer lures, so get your crank baits, wake baits, and top water lures out of hibernation and be ready for the sound of the cicadas, the longer daylight hours and warm weather. It seems perfect timing that Daiwa have gone and released the…

Daiwa Fishing Tips – Springtime Redfin – Marc Ainsworth

Redfin are under-estimated! They’re prolific, delicious and reasonable sport on light gear. They’re also a schooling fish, which once located, can make for hefty hauls of superb fillets. Catching redfin in springtime is really popular with boating anglers in Victorian lakes: Eildon, Hume, Cairn Curran, Eppalock, Waranga Basin, Toolondo, Fyans…
Tackle storage hero

Storage World: Daiwa Fishing Tackle Storage Solutions- Simon Goldsmith

Tackle and gear storage should never be underestimated when it comes to fishing. Not only does it ensure that your gear and tackle is safe, secure, and in optimum condition, it also helps make your angling time easier, more effective, and ultimately more fun. Whether it’s shore game angling that…
Whiting on top hero

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Whiting on top – Chris Seeto

It doesn't take much to make this kid happy. Sure, I love my boat and getting on the water but sometimes wading the sand flats can be just as fun with a fraction of the cleaning up. Spring has finally arrived, and hopefully the warm weather won't be far behind. It's…