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Family Fishing Hook-a-barra

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Family Fishing. Hook-a-Barra – Ian Seeto

In our household there is a slight spin off to the standard Christmas advent calendar. Previously what we have experienced is each day of the calendar a Christmas themed chocolate, however this year through my wife's creativeness we have a string of 25 numbered paper bags, each with their own…
Taking Kids fishing Hero

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Taking Kids Fishing – Mark Gercovich

If there is one thing better than catching a fish yourself it perhaps is helping someone else to catch one. Even more so if it’s their first, or PB of some description. Better again if it’s their first fish all together. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of once again taking…
Murray Cod Open Season 2015 Hero

Murray Cod Open Season – Jacko Davis

For Three months I collected likely looking lures, received new gear and studied google earth, all in the anticipation of the reopening of cod season. By far my most favourable weekend to fish, the first weekend of December has come and gone for another year. Like most, it was another…
Daiwa Black Label V2 Hero

PRODUCT FOCUS: Black Label Bassin’ – Simon Goldsmith

Having that special rod that you look for and reach for every time you go fishing is a highly sort after thing. It’s even more special when you have a quiver of such rods, a collection of rods that fit seamlessly in the hand and make fishing that much easier…

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: The basics of kayak fishing – Darren Weda

Kayak fishing as a sport has really taken off in the last few years, with all the major brands now having dedicated models especially for fishing. Not to mention the huge number of kayak fishing competitions currently happening all over the country. But you shouldn’t feel left out. It really…
Daiwa Vadel Spin 4000 Hero

PRODUCT FOCUS: Daiwa Vadel 4000H – Hooked Up Magazine

Daiwa has released several new reels over the past 12 months but popular series such as Luvias, Saltiga, Freams and Battler have kept the spotlight away from lesser-known new models from the Japanese tackle giant. One completely new model that has just hit Australian shores is the Vadel. Sitting in…
Daiwa Sensor Wave Surf Rod Hero

PRODUCT FOCUS: Surf the waves (Sensor Wave 122H) – Andrew Badullovich

Surf fishing is very a very popular pastime for the majority of anglers, as most beaches are easily accessible and provide great opportunities for the whole family. There are many species to target from the beach; however, Salmon and tailor typically dominate my catches down here on the far south…