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DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: Bold & Beautiful Certate 16 By Andrew Badullovich

I’m fresh off the water after a shoot for Daiwa’s, The Next Level series of fishing documentaries. During the shoot, I was fortunate enough to trial the new Certate 16, and just want to exclaim my delight with this superb spinning reel! The word, “Certate” is typically heard among the…
Mangrove ambush

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: What’s working? by Ian Seeto

It doesn’t matter where your fishing or what your fishing for, the tides, moons, baits, lures can ultimately determine your success. Like all things though, it takes experience to understand which stars are aligning, something that often takes anglers years of fishing. In this article I thought I’d share my…

DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: Daiwa Tournament 8 Evo Braid by Darren Weda

I’ve been lucky enough to been trialling some Daiwa's newly released Tournament 8 Braid Evo for the last 6 months and running it through its paces on all my favourite light tackle species. Targeted at the mid range line market, Tournament 8 Evo is a step above their popular and…

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Gorge’ous Murray Cod by Jackson Davis

The Northern inland rivers of New South Wales are well known for the boulder infested gorge terrain river systems. These west bound flowing rivers make there way through this beautiful country on there way to the Murray-Darling system. As much as possible, I make the journey to these rivers to…


Bait caster equipment is not something that has generally been a preferred weapon of choice. Until my relocation to the Far North last year spinning gear has always been adequate, even for the odd sweetwater trip. Sure I used bait casters from time to time but I never felt it…
whiting without boats_IMG_3293

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Whiting Without Boats by Marc Ainsworth

Catching King George is a serious option for Victorian anglers without a boat. Yes, it involves planning and yes, the sand can be annoying, but the rewards are worth the effort. Get it right and the family will be kicking you out the door to wet a line and bring…

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Barra Trolling by Mark Gercovich

Planning and packing for a nine week fishing trip through Queensland that was going to cover everything from Bluewater to barra, bass to mackerel was always going to be a headache, albeit it a good problem to have. One scenario that definitely got under my guard, but proved to be…