Black Label Baitcaster Rods

Black Label – Versatile Baitcaster Series

The Black Label “Versatile” series of baitcaster rods is designed as the all-rounder style series. These rods can be used for the majority of fishing methods in particular with hard body lures like crankbaits, vibrations, topwaters etcThe design of the Black Label Versatile series is the same as the Technical series, concentrating on high performance. They have similar cosmetic styling, but the Versatile series combines a soft tip action and lifting power with superior hook setting power to produce a rod that is perfectly suited for all hard body and soft plastic fishing techniques… As a result we have designed a “versatile “rod series that produces superior performance far beyond our competitors, yet still featuring quality componentry like Fuji SIC guides, Daiwa surround hold reel seats and ultra tough and light EVA grips, all this at a fraction of our competitor’s price.

Black Label 641MLRB
The ultra light model. The 641MLRB is the ultimate light bass and native rod in the range. The highly sensitive tip will feel the lightest of bumps and transmits this to the anglers hand like no other rod. It was primarily developed for contact fishing techniques with spinnerbaits, deep diving crankbaits, dropshot rigs, jigheads and Carolina rigs. Yet it is equally versatile and can fish jerk baits and topwaters for snag hugging bass and golden perch.

Black Label 641MHFB
The All-rounder. The 641MHRB is the ideal all-rounder baitcaster rod. The sensitive tip will deliver even a lightweight lure accurately and is able to detect the slightest bumps from the wariest of fish. This rod is designed to fish just about any style of lure, from heavy spinnerbaits for deep water Murray cod to shallow running jerk baits and topwaters for impoundment barramundi. From impoundment bass to top end barramundi the 641MHFB has it covered.

Black Label 601HFB
The Power model. The 601HFB is the ultimate power rod, its light tip that can cast small lightweight jerk baits accurately into even the tightest spot, plus it has power to burn low down where it counts. Built to handle aggressive lure fishing styles like ripping jerk baits and twitching deep divers, the 601HFB is suited to large apex predators like barramundi and Murray cod.

  • Versatile lure castings series
  • HVF graphite blanks
  • Bias wrap construction
  • Xtorque
  • RR(reduced resistance guide system)
  • Fuji Sic Guides
  • Daiwa surround hold reel seats
  • EVA grips
  • Custom alloy componentry
  • Technique specific action
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Black Label Baitcaster Rods
Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Recommended Line
641 MLRB Baitcaster 193cm 1 Medium Light Fast 3-14g 3-7kg
641 MHFB Baitcaster 193cm 1 Medium Heavy Fast 7-21g 4-9kg
601 HFB Baitcaster 183cm 1 Heavy Fast 10-28g 6-12kg