Black Label Technical Series

Black Label – Technical Series

The Black Label “Skippin”.”Shootin”.”Shaky” series were designed for aggressive fishing techniques like the “skipping” method used to throw a lure to overhangs or under boat docks/ piers and “shooting” method to directly throw a lure to fish located on a fish finder or structure. Also due to the ultra fast and sensitive action they are able to dance a soft plastic lure to attract fish – “shaking style”.

When Daiwa designs and tries to reduce cost of a rod, normally we simply reduce a similar ratio form each cost categories like blanks, guides, handles etc. But, in this instance we concentrated on blank design to gain the highest performance. Black Label is similar to our flagship rod range – Steez. While Steez concentrates on being light weight, Black Label concentrates on high performance, it has similar cosmetic styling but the blanks design emphasis combines lifting power with superior hook setting power. As a result we have designed a rod series that produces superior performance far beyond our competitors, yet still featuring quality componentry like Fuji SIC guides, Daiwa surround hold reel seats and triple A grade cork handles, all this at a fraction of our competitor’s price.

Black Label SSS 6011ULXS
The super sensitive model. The shortest rod in the range and one of the most sensitive rods Daiwa has ever developed. The 6011ULXS is designed for ultra light soft plastic fishing where sensitivity is the utmost importance. Its highly sensitive tip transmits the slightest vibration to the angler and it is particularly suited to methods where the lure is contacting structure like the “no sinker” method, dropshotting and ultra light Carolina rigging.

The combination of its short length and soft tip also makes perfect for pinpoint casting small hard bodies, topwaters and stick minnows to structure holding fish.

Black Label SSS 641LXS
The ultra light distance model. The 641LXS is similar to the 6011ULXS but with its added length and stronger butt section allows for longer more accurate casting. The highly sensitive tip will feel the lightest of bumps and transmits this to the anglers hand like no other rod. It was primarily developed for contact fishing techniques like the “no sinker” method, dropshotting, light jighead and ultra light Carolina rigging. But it is equally able to fish hard bodies well, especially “blade” style lures where the lure needs to “feel” the bottom.

Black Label SSS 681MFS
The power spinning model. Built for power fishing methods like distance casting, flipping and skipping, the 681MFS is the ideal rod where fish need to be muscled out of structure. Designed to fish the “no sinker” method, jigheads, weedless soft plastics, topwaters etc where fish hold in heavy structure but still require the use of fluorocarbon lines because of highly clear water and fishing pressure. The 681 is able to fish heavy fluorocarbon lines with a reel up to 3000 size being ideal, this helps to minimize line coiling caused by using heavy lines on small reels.

Black Label SSS 6101MLXS
The attack game model. The longest rod in the range is designed specifically for long distance casting but still able to transmit feel like the shorter models. The 6101 is the ideal rod for dropshotting, jigheads, Carolina rigging, “no sinker“ method and “blades” where the angler needs to have complete control and feel of the lures action. It’s longer length combined with a soft tip and highly powerful mid/butt section allows for long distance casting and will transmit “feel” even in rough gale force wind conditions.

  • Technical lure castings series
  • HVF graphite blanks
  • Bias wrap construction
  • Xtorque
  • RR(reduced resistance guide system)
  • Fuji Sic Guides
  • Daiwa surround hold reel seats
  • Cork grips
  • Custom alloy componentry
  • Technique specific actions
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Black Label Technical Series
Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Recommended Line
SSS 6011ULXS Spin 6’1’/1.85m 1 Light Extra Fast 1/48 – ¼oz 2-8lb
SSS 641LXS Spin 6’4”/1.93m 1 Light Extra Fast 1/32 – 3/8oz 4-10lb
SSS 681MFS Spin 6’8”/2.03m 1 Medium Fast 1/8 – 5/8oz 6-14lb
SSS 6101MLXS Spin 6’10”/2.08m 1 Medium Light Extra Fast 1/16 – ½ oz 5-12lb