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Sokkou Knot tool Hero

REVIEW: Sokkou Knot tool – Darren Weda

For some the task of tying fishing knots is a real struggle, whether it be due to eyesight, fat fingers, technique etc, it can be difficult. In an attempt to make things much easier and quicker for the aforementioned Daiwa have designed and made the Sokkou Knot Tool. Daiwa Sokkou…
Presso Rolling Crank Junior hero

Presso Rolling Crank Junior – Chris Seeto

It’s time to start dusting off those spring/summer lures, so get your crank baits, wake baits, and top water lures out of hibernation and be ready for the sound of the cicadas, the longer daylight hours and warm weather. It seems perfect timing that Daiwa have gone and released the…

Daiwa Fishing Tips – Springtime Redfin – Marc Ainsworth

Redfin are under-estimated! They’re prolific, delicious and reasonable sport on light gear. They’re also a schooling fish, which once located, can make for hefty hauls of superb fillets. Catching redfin in springtime is really popular with boating anglers in Victorian lakes: Eildon, Hume, Cairn Curran, Eppalock, Waranga Basin, Toolondo, Fyans…
Tackle storage hero

Storage World: Daiwa Fishing Tackle Storage Solutions- Simon Goldsmith

Tackle and gear storage should never be underestimated when it comes to fishing. Not only does it ensure that your gear and tackle is safe, secure, and in optimum condition, it also helps make your angling time easier, more effective, and ultimately more fun. Whether it’s shore game angling that…

Review: TD Commander Bayonet Division – Hooked Up Magazine

The Daiwa Commander series is one of the first series of AGS rods to be released by Daiwa. There is no doubt that the AGS guides have been a game changer in rod development and they are now being implemented over a number of new Daiwa models. For those of…
Overthere Skipping Hero

Finicky Tuna on the Overthere Skipping Stickbait – Mark Gercovich

This season has seen a fantastic run of school sized Tuna on the inshore grounds of Sth West Victoria (anything from 2 to 10km offshore) since as early as February. Like inshore fish often are when compared to their shelf dwelling brethren, the fish have often been regarded as finicky, getting a…
vadel hero

The Verdict on Vadel – Andrew Badullovich

I was honestly impressed at first glance. The new Vadel from Daiwa is extremely appealing, and easy on the eye. The over-sized EVA handle knob is perfect for gripping power, and is a welcomed feature when battling strong fish. The Vadel 4000H is a smooth operator, and is well balanced…
Presso Rolling Crank Hero

Review: Presso Rolling Crank MR – Hooked Up Magazine

The Daiwa Presso Rolling Crank is one of Daiwa’s newer models in their vast range of finesse lures. It’s a tiny little crank that could be the difference between some good captures and a fishless day. The Presso is a tiny 32mm crank that comes in two dive depths, the…
Daiwa Tackle Organiser Hero

Daiwa Large Tackle Organiser – Ian Seeto

The Daiwa Tackle Organiser (large) has become an important piece of of my kit. Whether transporting tackle in the boat, when travelling in the car for holidays or weekends away, it provides ample room to store tackle and equipment securely and easily accessible. The first thing I noticed when I…