DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: Daiwa Wise Minnow by Matt Caldwell

From the tiny streams such as Diggers Creek, to the often thunderous torrents of the mighty Thredbo River in spring melt, the New South Wales Snowy Mountains has some of the finest trout waters on the planet.  For the avid trout angler, the beauty lies in their proximity to each…

DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: J Braid X4 – Be an even Stronger Fighter! By Jesse Rotin

There' s no doubt in saying that braid is the way to go for many applications, but its not hard to get lost in extensive range of current and new braids on the market. Some anglers chase thin diameter braid, while others favour multi-coloured braid for jigging purposes. No matter what braid you may…

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Estuary Topwater Luring by Darren Weda

Coming into the warmer months and topwater luring is on many a fishermans mind. By far one of the most exciting and visual ways of lure fishing its no wonder so many people are turning to this style of fishing. There is such a large range of species, fresh and…

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: NATURE’S CLASSROOM – ‘the greatest rewards come from the greatest commitment’ by Grayson Fong

It's an all too familiar scenario, gear is packed, boat is ready, weather is perfect. The anticipation adrenalin pumps through your veins all night it unsettles your sleep, dreaming of hooking your target species with a glimmer of hope it's your all time best. On water, conditions are exceptional. Light…

DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: Double Clutch 95 By Mark Gercovich

When the “coming soon” posts began about a larger size of the super effective Double Clutch I began to get excited. I instantly though of some of the large local lakes and the how their big resident salmonids, who had proven over the years to love a 75mm clutch, were…

DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: Daiwa Td Minnow 120 SP – The Ultimate Drain Barra Lure By Mark Bargenquast

As a self-confessed barra nut for the past 30 years I have fished for them from the NT right down the east coast to their most southern limits of Noosa in SE Queensland.  I have caught them from water as deep as 18 meters right up to sight casting at…

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: 5 Tips for Summer-time Lake Eildon Cod

Lake Eildon’s Murray Cod population is going from strength to strength thanks largely to the considerable ‘Million Murray Cod’ stocking program several years ago. Those fish have grown well and most are now in the 50-60cm size range, providing the bulk of goodoo action. However, Summer at Lake Eildon can…

DAIWA PRODUCT FOCUS: Black Gold Heating up the Tropics By Mark Bargenquast

Finally the time had come, after weeks of gruelling, day in day out guiding with some new untested tackle sitting in the room I was just hanging to get it out and give it a run! New lures, line, leader, rods and reels had arrived and even though I love…

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: The line up – fishing line explained By Simon Goldsmith

Line can be a confusing tackle item to get your head around. Today’s anglers are spoilt for choice with new technologies, designs and fishing styles seeing tackle store walls littered with a tonne of line types and styles that can leave an angler scratching their head about what to buy…

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Pre-Storm Bass. By Jacko Davis

My local bass impoundment has seen a lot of me over the last few months, right through winter, and now into spring. I’ve been waiting for the switch to flick, and last session it did. Once the water temperature rises with the spring weather, the bass move up into the…