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Essentials of Rock Fishing – Part 1 Jamie Robley

ESSENTIAL ROCKS By Jamie Robley Although we see a lot of hi-tech lure flicking in the mainstream fishing media and various websites these days, the truth is many Aussies still love getting back to basics and trying their luck with more traditional or old school angling. Rock fishing, particularly along…

Baby Vibe – Micah Adams

With the softening of the hugely successful metal blades or vibes on southern bream, Daiwa's release of their new Tournament Baby Vibe 47s comes at exactly the right time. While the blades have been so good for so long, they are beginning to go a little quite, especially amongst the…

Bread Rocks

by Jamie Robley. Autumn and moving into early winter is a fantastic part of the year to round up a feed of tasty, not to mention hard fighting fish from our east coast rocks. Old favourites like bream, luderick and drummer are at the top of the list, but others…

Inshore Tuna

By Mark Gercovich.  The Southern Bluefin tuna season is in now in full swing along the South West Coast of Victoria and just across the border into South Australia. Big barrels are seeing seasoned game anglers all head to Port MacDonnell, plenty of school fish and albacore are coming from…

Bait-fishing Basics

By Andrew Badullovich. The fundamentals of basic bait-fishing are regularly overlooked; therefore, resulting in a poor day’s fishing. Often, the best results are achieved by keeping the process simple! There are three important steps which I tend to follow when fishing the estuary, and I hope that after reading this…

Like a Tiger!

TD Commander – Tiger Division. By Andrew Badullovich. The hottest technology in fishing rod construction at the moment is without a doubt the AGS (Air Guide System) that is incorporated within some of Daiwa’s “high-end” rod ranges. The only problem with AGS is that it drives the total price of…

Testing the Black Label BL701MLXS

After spending a few days fishing for longtail tunas and catching heaps on the big Saltiga gear, we were worn out so it was time for a change in pace, we headed to the estuary for a bit of lure casting in the drains and holes. I recently received a…

Double Clutching!

There is no doubt that when Daiwa released the new range of colours recently in their ever popular lure range it got a lot of anglers excited. Not only with the release of few new models they have expanded the existing range to 10 or more colours. Being a total…

Easter on Fire – Saltist / Saltiga combo trial run!

By Mark Bargenquast. Well Easter has been and gone, we finally have the internet back on and weather was perfect in SE Queensland with light winds and over the full moon period the fishing was red hot! The annual run of longtail tuna has well and truly arrived with thousands…

Black Label V2 642ULFS

Review by Andrew Blyth. In this day and age the market is filled with rods for any style of fishing you want to do. Some of these rods are good and some are, well not so good. Then there is a category of rods that are brilliant at what they…