ABT Tweed

I was pretty happy with the results at the first round of the ABT over the weekend. I wasn't quite ruthless enough for the win and didn't quite feel 100% in the game, but I made the most of what I had and ended up with a good result! Massive…

Inky Business: The basics of Egi/Squid fishing

By Jesse Rotin Coming into autumn most people have been chasing species still abundant in the warmer conditions. But as the weeks get cooler resulting in still flat days, Egi or squid fishing becomes a top priority on a lot of anglers minds because of their irresistible taste and the…

Demand Respect, Be a Commander!

Commander, ‘a person in authority, especially over a body of troops or a military operation’. Unless your in the boat yelling drill commands like a crazy drill sargent, the later part of the defintion probably does not really fit the bill. But the first part is a different story, ‘a…

Estuary Basics: Catching Blue Swimmer Crabs

Blue Swimmer Crabs are one of my favourite summer foods to eat. Their flesh is delicious and sweet even when simply cooked in boiling water. Blue Swimmers can be purchased at the fish markets and even in the seafood section of your local supermarket but personally I prefer to catch…