Emblem Surf 5500

The Daiwa Emblem Surf 5500 brings together long distance casting performance with high retrieve cranking capability to deliver anglers one of their best surf fishing reels for some time.

Bulging at the seams with many of Daiwa’s best performance features the heart of the Emblem Surf 5500 is its huge diameter spool. Designed for maximum casting distance and superior drag performance, the skirtless spool design boats one of the highest retrieve rates of any reel, at a blazing 122 centimetres per turn of the handle.

While the reel has a slow retrieve ratio (5.1:1) its impressive ability to gather in large amounts of line is due to its huge spool and the cross wrapping of line onto the spool during the retrieve. Being a slower retrieve ratio reel also makes the Emblem easier to crank, making it the ultimate high-retrieve longcast surf reel.
Super performing and superior in strength and power the Emblem’s ultra tough dura-aluminium drive gear ensures ultimate gear longevity and ruggedness, while its stainless steel main shaft is designed and constructed to withstand the highly corrosive surf and saltwater environment.

Gear precision is equally forthcoming in the Emblem Surf 5500 with Daiwa’s famous Instant Anti-reverse gear technology putting ultimate control right in your hands with its flawless gear control allowing for precision cranking and the elimination of handle backplay for increased reel sensitivity and hook setting power. The Emblem’s precision worm shaft levelwind further enhances control delivering precise cranking and reel oscillation.

Spool protection is ensured, with the Emblem’s skirtless spool design featuring a centrifugal line guard that prevents line snagging behind the spool during the heat of battle. Daiwa’s famous Twistbuster technology further tames line and improves control with the innovative line management system eliminating line twist during the retrieve.

Daiwa’s Selective Self Centering delivers trouble-free casting performance every cast, with the cast enhancing technology allowing the Emblem’s bail arm to freely move to the correct cast position for maximum casting distance and performance.

Clean and clear for maximum casting ease is the name of the game with the Emblem Surf 5500’s casting and line control performance.

A large machined wishbone aluminium handle provides ultimate cranking power, comfort and purchase on the reel, with its oversized EVA handle knob fitting seamlessly and ergonomically in the hand. Streamline and refined in shape and design the Emblem’s handle assembly delivers in looks, function, and comfort.

Enhanced reel smoothness and corrosion resistance is achieved thanks to the Emblem’s 7 stainless steel ball bearings, including 2 CRBB, while the reel’s massive ten disc drag systems delivers a staggering 15kg of drag.

Loaded with features, style, value, and performance the Emblem Surf 5500 is the reel for those looking for outstanding longcast surf performance at an outstanding price.


  • Skirtless spool with centrifugal line guard
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Selective self centering
  • Ultra tough dura-aluminum drive gear
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • Precision worm shaft levelwind
  • Twistbuster
  • Machined Wishbone aluminum handle with oversized EVA handle knob
  • 7 stainless steel ball bearings inc. 2 CRBB
  • Massive ten disc drag system

Perfectly matched with

Model Name Gear Ratio Ball Bearing Model Weight (g) Drag Pressure (kg) Spool Capacity
EMS 5500 5.1 (122cm) 6+1 660 15 9.1kg/270m