Gekkabijin Kojirou 5S

You’ll enjoy that sinking feeling thanks to the new Gekkabijin Kojirou 5S from Daiwa. Featuring a slim pencil profile the Kojirou 5S sinks with a head down position and is unmatched in realism when it comes to matching the hatch of a dying falling baitfish.

With a finesse walk the dog action under water on the retrieve and a subtle shimmy on the drop as it sinks horizontally through the water column the Kojirou 5S is the sinking stick bait that has the perfect combination of finesse and flash to tempt fish.

Bream anglers will fall for this bait nearly as much as the bream they’re chasing, while the super sharp, highly penetrative SaqSas trebles will ensure the angler pins a biting fish first time, every time.

With 12 colours available, ranging from striking solid colours through to ultra realistic translucent baitfish patterns, this 52.6mm, 2gram lure is the new sinking stickbait that’s guaranteed to fool anglers and fish.