Gekkabijin Vib 3S

The Gekkabijin Vib 3S is an all new “vibe”, its unique design has no equivalents. Imitating the small shrimps that are so prevalent throughout estuaries, bays, rivers and streams, the Gekkabijin Vib 3S will definitely be one of the most affective finesse lures available today.


Unlike any other vibes or blades available, the Gekkabijin Vib features a hollow plastic body, this “full” body profile gives it presence in the water, creating a more solid vibration and being wider it creates more resistance compared to slim vibes, thus it can be cranked slower. The hollow body allows it to sink slower for a more natural presentation, and the internal weight system causes the lure to sink nose forward to avoid snagging, on a slow crank it easily bumps over structure to avoid the hook snagging. Crank it slow and steady with intermittent pauses and it produces a wide wobble and falling action, ideal for inactive or wary fish. But speed it up and give it erratic twitches, the lure will dart left to right with a tight high pitched wiggle, attracting any active predatory fish.

Designed in Japan and handmade to the highest standards, these lures feature an impact resistant body, 3D realistic eyes, ultra sharp HD chemically sharpened treble with lifelike silicone and tinsel skirt and it is painted internally with chip proof paint for an incredible lifelike finish.

This is the perfect finesse lure for bream, bass, trout, estuary perch or literally any fish that feeds on small shrimp or prawns. Ideally the Gekkabijin Vib 3s should be fished on highly sensitive rods like Black Label Technical SSS series, TDX or the MX Ajing on fine PE or fluorocarbon to get the full benefits of this unique lure.


  • Sinking
  • Discreet vibration action
  • Ultra sharp heavy duty chemically sharpened treble
  • Rubber/ tinsel skirt
  • Chip proof internal painting
  • 3D realistic eyes