Gekkabijin Yogiri

Small in profile yet big in performance the Gekkabijin Yogiri is a small dog with plenty of bite. One of the best trout lures on the market the Yogiri doesn’t just have eyes for trout and is just as effective tempting bream and estuary perch in the salt, and redfin, jungle perch and bass in the fresh.

Compact in size (40mm), and featuring a high-density design, this is a lure that delivers long cast performance in a small lure package. Featuring flats sides that generate a high pitch rolling action, the Yogiri is a lure that will appeal to many and will be eaten by plenty.

Thirteen colours make up the range, ranging from the translucent iwashi and prawn patterns, through to the bolder and stronger coloured black sniper and matt shad colours that will be many anglers’ go-to lure when the water gets dark and dirty.

Available in a floating model that dives to 1metre and a suspending model that dives to 1.5metres, anglers and fish will find this little guy hard to resist.

Model: GY 4DSP
Type: Suspending
Length: 42mm
Weight: 2.4g
Depth: 1.5m

Model: GY 4F
Type: Floating
Length: 42mm
Weight: 2g
Depth: 1m