Saltist Bluewater

Demanding on tackle and body few angling styles challenge in such an unrelenting way as bluewater, and few names accept the challenge and shoulder up to the battle in such a formidable way as the Saltist name.

The Saltist Bluewater series accepts the challenge and flexes its muscle to intimidate and dominate like only Saltist can.Rigorously designed and tested, and loaded with the pedigree and features that have made the Saltist name famous this new series has it all.

Unwavering strength and precision design and performance starts with the Saltist Bluewater’s rock solid blank. Featuring HSD (High Structural Density) graphite, Daiwa’s precise resin controlled, unidirectional graphite fiber blank technology, creates a blank with maximum graphite volume that is durable, lightweight and has incredible sensitivity and power.

Glatech construction also features in the range, with uni-directional fiberglass sandwiching process enhancing design to create a blank that is incredibly resilient, and has immense backbone and lifting power to control and lead strong fish.

Daiwa’s legendary Bias Wrap construction further enhances blank design and performance, with the cross directional wrapping method used in the blank construction eliminating blank twist and distortion to increases rod strength, function, and sensitivity.

Fuji O Concept guides delivers a leap forward in design and function with their deep pressed construction featuring a multi point connection between insert and frame to provide unmatched strength and protection.

Offering 360-degree protection from bumps, hits, and damages, Fuji O Concept guides reduce guide draw, twist, and weight, for a more responsive, performance driven rod.


Fuji Reel Seats provide style comfort and unmatched fusion between rod and reel, while super tough and comfortable EVA grips provide unrivalled sensitivity, strength and comfort, and blend seamlessly with Daiwa design brilliance to make the Saltist Bluewater series advanced in design, performance and value.

Whether jigging for snapper on the reefs, popping for GTs or casting from rocky headlands, the Saltist Bluewater range has it covered. What ever your taste or need there’s a Saltist Bluewater to suit and ultimately impress.


  • Carbon Fiber blanks
  • Fuji O ring Guides
  • Fuji Reel Seats
Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Rec. Line
601S Spin 1 183cm Heavy Regular 180-300g PE 4/6
60B Overhead 1 183cm Heavy Regular 180-300g PE 4/6
64BJ Spin 1 193cm Medium Regular 60-120g PE 2/4
66BJS Spin 1 198cm Light Regular 20-100g PE 1/2
66BJB Overhead 1 198cm Light Regular 20-100g PE 1/2
70MH Spin 1 213cm Heavy Regular 30-90g Max 24kg