Silver Wolf Chining Pencil

Bringing together the best of both worlds the new Silver Wolf Chining Pencil blends a popper with a walking stickbait to deliver anglers a truly hybrid multi-purpose surface lure.




With a shallow smallmouth cup face that delivers a natural pop and splash and an effective walk-the-dog cadence that enticingly zigs-n-zags across the surface this is the walking stickbait that does it and has it all. With a built in rattle and a silicon teaser on the rear treble the Silver World Chining Pencil will draw fish in from a far, and tempt those that are near.

Super strong tin trebles add durability and increase lure flash, while its slim profile and aerodynamic design delivers trouble free long casts all day, every day. Trevally, queenfish, mangrove jack and even whiting will be tempted by this hybrid super stickbait.

Measuring in at 75mm in length, 4.5gram in weight, and available in four premium colours the new Silver Wolf has formed a pack and is ready to attack.

Model: SWCP 75F
Type: Topwater
Length: 75mm
Weight: 4.6g
Depth: Surface