Silver Wolf S Spinning Rods


Inspired! Technically refined! Supremely bold! Silver Wolf-S puts you in control with eight technique specific Bream rods. Designed for the Australian Enthusiast Bream Angler, with strong Japanese cues and grounded in Japanese Chinu Shoregame culture, Silver Wolf is #daiwaXbream

The Silver Wolf-S rods eclipse all others by introducing a spectrum of finesse, quality, performance and innovation features that remain unmatched by our opposition.

Light tackle Bream anglers have uncompromising expectations from their gear: using fine diameter lines for maximum casting distance, superior line control and extreme sensitivity. But more than that, Australian Bream anglers demand rods with purpose built blank actions, manufactured to exacting specifications, for technique specific applications. Silver Wolf-S rods have been designed to meet these demands.

The Silver Wolf-S range includes eight technique specific models, based on the blanks used in the high end Silver Wolf-Z range. The models cover a plethora of Bream fishing applications, so whether your preference is for close quarters structure fishing with lightly weighted soft plastic lures, Ultra finesse, distance casting on the flats with small crankbaits, fishing heavy structure like oyster racks, fishing topwater lures over weed beds or rock bars, or something in between, there is bound to be a Silver Wolf-S model (or eight) that is right for you.

For ultimate sensitivity and strength the Silver Wolf S rods feature SVF – Super Volume Fibre for incredible thinness, sensitivity and lightness. SVF carbon, is the most sensitive carbon that Daiwa has ever manufactured and is combined with X45 blank wrapping technology that eliminates blank twist and increases rod strength. The combined result is a fishing rod construction that guarantees pin point casting, incredible bite detection and ultimate power for fighting the fish from structure.

Fuji Alconite KL guides are featured on the Silver Wolf-S range. These ultra light, single foot guides deliver minimum line choking friction on the cast and reduce the chance of tangling no matter what the weather conditions, thereby improving casting distance, accuracy and control. Just as importantly, the optimised guide lengths and reduced weight of the guides allows the angler to experience the full action of these purpose built blanks.

A V-Joint provides the angler with the flexibility of a two piece rod without compromising the specific actions of the blanks, while the Air Foam grips and Daiwa high grip reel seats offer stability and sensitivity, and feel comfortable in the hand, even after a long day casting.

A combination of Daiwa’s advanced design and technology innovations, delivered at a mid point price range, has culminated in a versatile series of eight high performance, application specific Bream rods.

If there was ever a rod series that befits the Australian Enthusiast Bream market, the high precision, highly sensitive and boldly refined Silver Wolf-S rods are offered to specialist Bream anglers without the specialist pricing. Silver Wolf-S is #daiwaXbream


  • SVF (super volume fibre)
  • Alconite KL Guides
  • V Joint
  • X45
  • Air foam grips
  • Daiwa high grip reel seats
  • Technique specific actions



Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
641LXS Spin 1 193 cm Light Extra fast 2 - 10 gm 2 - 4 kg
681MLXS Spin 1 203 cm Medium Light Extra fast 4 – 14 gm 2 - 5 kg
681LRS Spin 1 203 cm Light Regular 1 – 7 gm 1 - 2 kg
701LXS Spin 1 213 cm Light Extra fast 2 – 10 gm 1 - 3 kg
701ULFS Spin 1 213 cm Ultra light Fast 1 - 7 gm 1 - 3 kg
722LXS Spin 2 218 cm Light Extra fast 2 - 10 gm 1 - 4 kg
742LRS Spin 2 224 cm Light Regular 1 - 7 gm 1 - 3 kg
762ULXS Spin 2 229 cm Ultra light Extra fast 1 - 7 gm 1 - 2 kg