Silver Wolf Z Baitcaster Rod

Inspired! Technically refined! Supremely bold! Silver Wolf puts you in control with 9 technique specific, high end Bream rods, with technology to feel. Designed for the Australian Enthusiast Bream Angler, with strong Japanese cues and grounded in Japanese Chinu Shoregame culture, Silver Wolf is #daiwaXbream

Want to throw a 3g lure with a finesse baitcasting casting setup? No problem with Silver Wolf Z, as it delivers unprecedented control to enthusiast Bream anglers searching for the ultimate edge

The Silver Wolf AGS rods eclipse all others by introducing a spectrum of finesse, quality, performance and innovation features that remain unmatched by our opposition.

Light tackle Bream anglers have uncompromising expectations from their gear: using fine diameter lines for maximum casting distance, superior line control and extreme sensitivity. But more than that, Australian Bream anglers demand rods with purpose built blank actions, manufactured to to exacting specifications, for technique specific applications. Silver Wolf-Z AGS rods have been designed to meet these demands.

Bream rods have stringent demands when it comes to sensitivity, and there’s no more critical component than a rod’s guide system. The guides need to be lightweight so as not to hinder the performance of the blank, and they need to transmit the slightest vibrations and bumps to the angler. Daiwa has never been satisfied with the progressive development of guides made from traditional materials, and consequently, we have development our own AGS guides made from the lightest, strongest and most sensitive material available – graphite.

AGS or Air Guide System, features a unique graphite frame that’s more sensitive, lighter, and stronger than metal, and more rigid than any other guide ever made.

These super-lightweight components have taken finesse rod design to the next level, by allowing the user to experience the full capabilities of the blank design: faster casts, greater distance, increased accuracy, decreased rod vibration and most important, a massive increase in sensitivity. AGS is “Technology to Feel”.

The innovation in rod design doesn’t stop there. High tech AGS guides are wasted on a average blank, and Silver Wolf -Z AGS baitcaster rod use Daiwa’s SVF carbon, the most sensitive Daiwa has ever manufactured, to produce a blank with maximum graphite density, that is incredibly light and sensitive. SVF is combined with X45 blank wrapping technology that eliminates blank twist and increases rod strength. The combined result is a rod construction that guarantees pin point casting, incredible bite detection and ultimate power for fighting the fish.

A consolidation of Daiwa’s latest and most advanced rod innovations combined with supremely bold cosmetics, has culminated in a rod that befits the Australian Enthusiast Bream angler. The inspired, cutting edge and technically refined Silver Wolf-Z AGS rods are lighter, more sensitive, more precise and about as close to perfection as you will ever feel.


  • SVF
  • AGS
  • X45
  • Surround hold reel seats
  • Air Foam grips
Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
MURASAME 6101LFB Baitcast 1 208 cm Light Fast 2 – 10 gm 1 - 4 kg