Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get my reels serviced?

Daiwa Australia recommends all Daiwa reels be serviced by Daiwa Australia, there are special tools, lubricants and processes of disassembly/reassembly involved in many reels. Work not done at Daiwa Australia will void any warranty on a reel. Daiwa Australia is the only authorized repairer in the country.

Can I service my Daiwa reels myself?
We do not recommend it as many reels require special tools and techniques to service them properly. Also, taking apart a reel yourself can void the warranty.

How long does it take to get my reel back from a service?
This is dependant upon the amount of reels waiting to be serviced. Daiwa Australia works on a first come, first served basis and the amount of work tends to be seasonal with peaks through the warmer months and running up to holiday periods. Factors like postage also need to be taken into account, as postal time can be 1-3 business days each way. Turnaround times can be as little as three days or up too two weeks or more leading up to times like Christmas.

Why does it take a long time to get my reel back from Daiwa Service?
The vast majority of reels that come to the service centre are there for a full service. A full service takes between an hour and a half for a simple reel in good condition up to four hours or more for reels that require a lot of cleaning or more complicated reels like electrics

What happens to my reel when I send it for service?
If you send your reel for repair we can repair only what has been requested however most reels are sent for a full service. Each reel sent back is recorded in our database so we can refer back to future issues or servicing. Every reel sent for a full service is completely stripped back to individual parts, every part other than the ball bearings is then cleaned in a chemical bath to remove all grease, water or salt residue and then inspected before being re-greased and reassembled. This is done to every section of the reel including the spool, handle and drag stack. Each ball bearing is checked by hand before being put back in the reel and replaced if need be.

How are ball bearing serviced?
Ball bearings are not a serviceable part. Once corrosion on the bearings starts they will never work the same again and any rough feeling will be magnified when used in the reel. No amount of oil or grease will fix them. Prevention is better than cure so look after your ball bearings. The number one enemy of a ball bearing is salt water and the number two is lubricant sprays that will thin the oil or grease out of the bearing making corrosion easier and happen quicker. The best defense is washing your gear after. For more information see the ” maintenance section”.

Is there an English manual for my reel? The one that came with it was in Japanese
Some of the reels sold by Daiwa Australia are Japanese Domestic Models or JDM and we do not import enough of these to warrant translating the manual into English. If you have any specific questions you need answered about the reel feel free to call the service department on 02 8644 8644

Is there English schematic for my reel? The one that came with it was in Japanese
Some of the reels sold by Daiwa Australia are Japanese Domestic Models or JDM and we do not import enough of these to warrant translating the manual into English All the Japanese writing is part numbers which are only really any use to the service department anyway and you can order anything you need by the key number of the part or look for the part number in the schematics section of our website.

How long does it take to get parts for my Daiwa reel?
If we have the part in stock it only takes a couple of days. We keep a large inventory of parts but it would be almost impossible and unnecessary to keep every part for every type and size of reel we sell or have sold in the past seven years on hand. When ordering parts from Japan there is a three month lead time from when we order them to when we receive them and shipments are only made monthly. We may run out of stock of some commonly used parts from time to time and usually they have will have been ordered two or three months prior to when we ran out

How do I order parts for my Daiwa reel?
You can order parts for your Daiwa reel either through your local Daiwa stockist or contact the service department directly on 02 8644 8600, email or download and send the parts request form

Order forms can be also be downloaded here.

What is the best way to order parts for my Daiwa reel?
All parts for Daiwa reels have a key number and a part number listed on the schematics. The best way to order is with the part number which starts with a 6 then has a letter and then six numbers (e.g. 6F055601). Using the key number (e.g. #67 on the schematic) is OK if you cannot find the part number or it is not listed on a schematic. Using names or descriptions of parts is very hard as many people call certain parts different names (e.g. many people refer to a “bail arm” when they mean the “bail wire”).

I recieved the parts I ordered but the invoice says they are for a different reel?
Many parts, especially ball bearings, are the same from reel to reel. So if you ordered a bearing for your Exist 1003 and the invoice says you received “ball bearing C for a Branzino 3000” they are the same bearing only it is listed in the computer as a Branzino bearing. Also, especially with bearings again, the description can say they from a different part of the reel entirely but they are in fact what you wanted (e.g. the invoice says Tierra handle bearing and you need a Luvias oscillating gear bearing)

Where and how can I get my Daiwa rod repaired?
We do not do rod repairs at Daiwa Australia. We do all the inspections for warranty claims and in those few cases replace the rods but if you need repairs done the best option is to contact your local tackle store and enquire about your local rod builder. We do limited repairs like replacing guides, please contact the service dept for more information.

My reel has line twist
Line twist can be caused by spooling the line improperly or by winding the handle whilst drag is coming off. The easiest way to correct line twist is to pull the line off the reel in a straight line (do not coil it on the ground!) in an open area like a park or on the water and wind it back on with no weight at the end of the line but under tension as it goes onto the reel. The line should untwist itself and lay properly