Monthly Archives: August 2015

Daiwa Large Tackle Organiser – Ian Seeto

The Daiwa Tackle Organiser (large) has become an important piece of of my kit. Whether transporting tackle in the boat, when travelling in the car for holidays or weekends away, it provides ample room to store tackle and equipment securely and easily accessible. The first thing I noticed when I…

DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Seeking Sambos – Jamie Robley

With the onset of winter, large numbers of Australian Salmon migrate along the east coast, slowly making their way up towards the Queensland border. Each year is different and depending on oceanic currents they may travel as far as The Gold Coast if water temps are cold enough, although some…

No Excess Baggage: Procargo SS4500 – Andrew Badullovich

The Procargo is the perfect balance between power and finesse. The first time I used it for a spot of beach fishing; I got the feeling that this reel would be very versatile and cover a range of situations. For a large reel, it’s ridiculously light and sensitive, and this…