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Essentials of Rock Fishing – Part 1 Jamie Robley

ESSENTIAL ROCKS By Jamie Robley Although we see a lot of hi-tech lure flicking in the mainstream fishing media and various websites these days, the truth is many Aussies still love getting back to basics and trying their luck with more traditional or old school angling. Rock fishing, particularly along…

Bread Rocks

by Jamie Robley. Autumn and moving into early winter is a fantastic part of the year to round up a feed of tasty, not to mention hard fighting fish from our east coast rocks. Old favourites like bream, luderick and drummer are at the top of the list, but others…

Bait-fishing Basics

By Andrew Badullovich. The fundamentals of basic bait-fishing are regularly overlooked; therefore, resulting in a poor day’s fishing. Often, the best results are achieved by keeping the process simple! There are three important steps which I tend to follow when fishing the estuary, and I hope that after reading this…