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Nabeel Issa | Brisbane, QLD


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

My fishing is seasonal and with the vast opportunities we have here in SEQ I find myself chasing something different most trips. Snapper, threadfin salmon, jew and tuna would form the bulk of my target species. Using my sounder to locate schools and working lures through is how I chase most fish. Apart from tuna that is... it’s hard to beat casting a stickbait into a school of surface feeding barrels.

Angling Inspiration

I was introduced into fishing very early by my dad, since then it has been a big influence on my life and the love for fishing has grown and grown! I look forward to passing on the same enjoyment I get from fishing to my son.

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

Moreton Bay, QLD

Why I Fish

Apart from the detachment of life’s daily grind, I love the challenge that comes with fishing. Learning new techniques, cracking patterns and trying to understand fish behaviour. It’s the small subtleties that can make all the difference and it’s something I push myself to learn more and more about.


After fishing the BREAM circuit for 12 years, I have given it a break of late. With a 3 year old that loves fishing, I prefer to spend my time social fishing these days.

Favourite Fishing Moment

It’s hard to pick, but one of the best memories I have is from a few years back, chasing snapper. Fishing with my best mate and both us landing PB snapper within a short period of time. Going 94 and 93cm it was an awesome experience as we had worked hard on chasing these fish, and for both of us to land one of those monsters was just tops.

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