The Next Level DVD – Episodes 1 & 2


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Australia is blessed with some of the most unique and inspiring angling that the world and fishing has to offer. Oceans that capture our souls and pristine inland waterways that nourish our desire to escape the stresses of urban existence, sit side by side with our expanse collection of reefs, beaches, estuaries, lakes and rivers, to endower anglers with a diverse collective of angling opportunities and species that are truly unique.

As an angler nothing inspires as us deeply or generates as much excitement as seeking out a new destination. The nervous anticipation of the adventure and the palatable excitement of seeking out a new species inspire anglers in a truly profound way.

The Next Level is a documentary series that explores the minds and passions of Daiwa Australia’s Pro Staff. Within this series we meet some of the finest recreational anglers Australia has offer as we delve deep into their angling knowledge and experience, and connect with them to find what out inspires them, what fuels their angling passion, an ultimately how they catch their desired species.

Snowy Mountains Trout

Experience and witness the legend of the Snowies and the trout fishing this unique and iconic location has to offer. Stream trout fishing at its finest and angling beauty at its purest, Josh Carpenter takes us on the ultimate highland trout journey.

Sydney Harbour Bream

A location of contrasts, non-stop action and amazing angling Sydney Harbour is bream fishing heartland deep in the heart of Australia’s busiest and most urbanized city. Urban breaming at its finest and Sydney at its most striking.