Black Label

Stylish and unpretentious in looks yet bold and extrovert in design and performance the new Black Label spin series is the embodiment of the ultimate spin rod range.

A seamless blend of technology, ascetics, and value, generation two of Black Label continues to ride the wave of innovation delivering anglers cutting edge design and unrivalled performance and price to further enhance its reputations as one of Daiwa’s premier rod series.


A Perfect Blank

The Black Label reputation starts from the ground up and utilizes some of Daiwa’s most advanced blank technologies to create a rod series that is refined, rugged and indestructible.

HVF carbon is where is begins with Daiwa’s low resin, high strength and density carbon creating a blank that is stripped of unwanted weight to make it incredibly light, sensitive and responsive. More muscle and less fat is the name of the game with HVF and the new Black Label spin series.

The Black Label’s lean and mean blank design is further enhanced with X45 and Bias Wrap technologies eliminating blank distortion and twist to fully unleash the maximum power and performance of the blank.

One of Daiwa’s newest blank technologies, 3DX, adds another level of refinement to Black Label’s already impressive blank performance and design. An innovation in lower blank strength and support, 3DX supports the lower power section of the rod and features a densely packed three direction carbon fibre weave that distributes power evenly in all directions, thus allowing the blank to maintain its form when under load.

3DX increases the power and eliminates blank twist and collapse, and allows the rod’s power to be located at the lower section of the rod for more power and less angler fatigue.

Power, strength, lightness and uncompromising blank integrity are all hallmarks of the new generation of Black Label spin rods.


Good Guide

A cutting edge blank calls for a cutting edge guide and there’s none more innovative or performance driven than Fuji. The world leader in guides, Black Label features the feather light, and highly sensitive, SIC guides to deliver strength, power and performance like only Fuji can.

Featuring a silicon carbide insert and ultra light frame, SIC guides are the perfect combination of strength, weightless, and sensitivity and allow effortless trouble free casting all day, every day.

Unmatched in style, quality and function, Fuji SIC guides enhance blank performance for optimum casting distance, accuracy, and control. Crisp on the cast and unyielding in battle the new Black Label spin series is guided to perfection with Fuji.

Hold This

Few rods sit as beautifully and effortlessly in the hand as the new Black Label spin series. Daiwa’s legendary Surround Hold Reel seats provide a seamless connection between rod and reel, while cork and EVA grips align perfectly with the reel seat to provide unrivalled control and feel. A flawless combination, Black Label delivers a masterclass in rod ergonomics and design for ultimate angler comfort, power and performance.


A blend of Daiwa’s latest advanced designs the new generation Black Label spin series is state of the art technology blended with precision, performance, and that exclusive Black Label elegance. Class meets strength and refinement in true Daiwa style.

The Impressive Line Up

642ULFS– a finesse anglers dream, the ultra light finesse model in the series is the rod to reach for when you need to go light to get the bites. Light, nimble and highly sensitive in the upper section this is a rod that’s suited to throwing a variety of finesse baits including small hard bodies, ultra light jigheads, stick minnows and bite sized topwaters. Sharp and precise on the cast for pinpoint accuracy, and sensitive and cushioning under load this is the Black Label finesse rod to get them hooked and keep them hooked.

661LXS– the mid length speed model of the range, the 661LXS is extra fast in taper and uncatchable in performance. Short enough for close quarters accurate casting, yet longer enough for mid-distance casting, this is a rod that is light and crisp in the tip for casting small baits, yet strong and fast for when the power needs to be applied. Suited to skipping unweighted plastics in under overhangs for bass of hoping blades for bream, this is the rod that has the sensitivity, feel, and taper to keep you in contact with your lure and fish.


6102LXS– the extended version of the 661LXS just happens to be one of the best open water blade rods ever made. Its longer length combined with a soft tip and highly powerful mid/butt section allows for long distance casting and unmatched feel and contact. Equally at home rolling jighead-rigged softplastics and power fishing unweight plastics this is the rod that ever blade and plastic fisherman should have in their collection.

701ULXS– the longcast finesse model, the 701ULXS is the long arm of the finesse world unleashed to propel ultra light lures a country mile. A must have for small hard bodies ultra light jigheads, and soft plastics; this is a rod tailor made for flats fishing and open water. Featuring an ultra thin tip section for maximum bite detection and feel, sensitivity is further enhanced courtesy of the lightweight, vibration sensitive, Fuji SIC guides. The long arm of the finesse world just happens to be the most sensitive and forgiving.

701LXS– the great all-rounder of the range is light and fast for accurate casting with small lures, but has power to burn to extract fish from cover. Suited to jighead-rigged soft plastics, blades and sinking stickbaits, this is a rod that will be hard to put down.

701MLXS– one of the standout long distance power models of the range, the 701MLXS has the sensitivity to feel and work small lures, yet the power and length to take control when asked to. Extra fast in taper and suited to 3-5kg line and throwing lures from 4-14grams, few rods have this diversity, power and poise. A rod that’s destined to become a hit catching King George whiting in the south, black bream in the west, and bass and sooties in the north.

rods-black-label-spin-prd1701HFS– a force to be reckoned with, this is the ultimate power rod for chasing big fish in heavy cover. Light in the hand, yet powerful and unrelenting in the heat of battle, few rods match the 701HFS for strength, sensitivity, and price. Suited to lures up to 28grams this is a rod that will be seen throwing a heap of different baits, and catching a heap of big fish.

762MHFS– the longest and one of the strongest models in the range, this is the ideal rod for long distance casting for large powerful fish. Designed to fish hardbodies, jigs, large soft plastics, jigheads and vibrations for species such as snapper, jewfish, small pelagics, small tuna and other reef dweller. Light in hand get powerful in action this is a rod that you can comfortable fish all day long, yet has the backbone and power to muscle fish when needed.  Power and performance the Black Label way.



  • HVF graphite blanks
  • X45
  • Bias Wrap Construction
  • 3DX
  • Fuji SIC Guides (KLH,KLM,KT, LN, & KT guides)
  • Daiwa Surround Hold Reel Seats
  • Cork / Airfoam Grips


Perfectly matched with


Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Recommended Line
642ULFS Spin 195cm 2 Ultra Light Fast 1-5g 1-3kg
661LXS Spin 201cm 1 Light Extra Fast 2-10g 2-5kg
6102LXS Spin 208cm 2 Light Extra Fast 2-10g 2-4kg
701ULFS Spin 213cm 1 Ultra Light Extra Fast 1-5g 1-3kg
701LXS Spin 213cm 1 Light Extra Fast 2-10g 2-4kg
701MLXS Spin 213cm 1 Medium Light Extra Fast 4-14g 3-5kg
701HFS Spin 213cm 1 Heavy Fast 7-28g 4-9kg
762MHFS Spin 229cm 2 Medium Heavy Fast 7-28g 4-9kg