Black Label Swimbait Custom


Introducing the Ultimate Big Bait rod – the Black Label Swimbait Custom

Performance and prestige meets design brilliance and style in the new Black Label Swimbait Custom. Classic in looks yet contemporary in design and technology few rod series match Black Label when it comes to delivering premier performance for big bait fishing.

Angling perfection starts on the top shelf with Daiwa’s latest carbon design. The introduction of new carbon technology unique to Daiwa has produced a parabolic action rod that is incredibly thin and lightweight yet overwhelming powerful.

The secret is HVF (High Volume Fibre) Nanoplus. Combining precise Nano resin control with unidirectional HVF graphite fiber to produce a blank with maximum graphite density. Light, responsive, and crisp in action… “HVF nano plus” is unrivaled.Light, powerful and designed and built for ultimate strength, precision and performance this is the baitcaster series that will you have you dressed to impressed, and ready for action.

Light, responsive, and crisp in action, Black Label blank performance is further enhanced courtesy of X45, 3DX and Bias Wrap Construction blank technologies.

Two of Daiwa’s premier blank wrapping technologies, X45 and Bias Wrap Construction, work seamlessly together to improve rod performance, and eliminate blank twist and distortion to increases rod strength, function, and sensitivity. By eliminating twist and preventing the blank from losing its round form, X45 and Bias Wrap allows a lighter a small diameter blank to be made, and lighter more dynamic rod to be created.

BL Swimbait Custom

3DX continues the Black Label’s advanced blank design with its three-dimensional woven process adding support to the lower power section of the rod. By knitting densely packed carbon fibres in 3 directions to create a six wrap rectangular weave, the power is distributed evenly in all directions, allowing the blank to maintain its form when loaded.

This process increases the power and eliminates blank twist and collapse, and allows the rod’s power to be located at the lower section of the blank for maximum power and a reduction in angler fatigue.

Quality and class continues with legendary Fuji guides delivering unrivalled performance. The world leader in guides, the Black Label baitcaster range features ultra-light Fuji SIC guides that are highly sensitive, ultra strong and designed to maximise rod performance and sensitivity.

If you want the ultimate in a big bait specialty rod then the Black Label Swimbait Custom is the best available.


  • HVF Nanoplus
  • X45
  • Bias Wrap Construction
  • 3DX
  • Fuji SIC guides
  • Custom Fuji reel seat with locking ring
  • Triple A Grade Cork Grips


Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Recommended Line
BL 77H V2 Swimbait baitcaster 231 cm 2 XX Heavy Regular 250 gm PE 6 - 10