D Frog

The Daiwa D Frog is the ideal topwater for enticing surface feeding fish like bass, murray cod, barramundi and Saratoga into savage surface strikes.

The D Frog is a soft topwater bait that is finished off with realistic patterns, heavy-duty hooks and silicone skirts. The heavy-duty hooks fit snugly onto the body to eliminate snagging or fowling in heavy cover. Being virtually snag proof the D Frog can be cast into the heaviest cover and worked around weedbeds, snags, lily pads and overhanging trees.

The flat underside creates an enticing sliding action and pushes water to create plenty of surface disturbance. By slowing down your retrieve the and creating a rhythmic rod action the D Frog will walk the dog while also creating plenty of water movement.



Type: Floating
Length: 65mm
Weight: 17 g
Depth: Topwater