Daiwa Agorig Sinkers

The Agorig sinkers are designed to use in conjunction with Daiwa’s Emeraldas jig range and EG-Snap.Agorig Sinker system allows for changes in sink speed, depth and angle. By attaching the Agorig sinker to the keel eye (see Fig 1) the jig will glide slowly at a 30 – 45 degree angle, but when attached to an EG-Snap (see Fig 2) the lure will sink rapidly at a 75 degree angle.

For jigs like the Emeraldas Rattle the Agorig sinker can be attached to the jigs eye (see Fig 3) for even faster sinking and deep down retrieves.

This is ideal for deep water or fast current situations.

Available in a 3 pack in 3 and 5 gram.


  • Stainless steel wire construction
  • Glow in the dark coating
  • Quick change snap wire