Daiwa Hooking Noisy Rattle

In 2017 Daiwa introduces a new topwater, the Hooking Noisy Rattle, a topwater with so many differences.

The Hooking Noisy is our first lure to feature ultra-sharp barbless hooks, perfectly suited for conservation minded catch and release fishing. The rear hook features the “Nigasazu” system. The rea hook is attached to the body via a flexible stretchy material that can take upwards of 50 kilograms in pressure! This flexible “eyelet” allows extra movement to the hook reducing the chances of fish pulling the hooks when trashing or rolling.

Internally the rattle system is designed to work instantly when the lure lands on the water. The rattles are located in the belly of the lure so to help send the sounds deep into the water for added appeal.

On top of the lure is a small groove that is designed to take a 2.8mm diameter cyalume stick. Ideal for tracking the lure in darkness and adding an attractant to topwater feeders.

With its high pitch rattle, Nigasazu, barbless hooks and strong surface action the Hooking Noisy rattle is ideal for topwater feeders.

hooking noisy


  • Made In Japan
  • Topwater
  • Chemically Sharpened Barbless Hooks
  • Nigasazu
  • Rattle
  • Cyalume Stick Insert

Type: Topwater
Length: 68mm
Weight: 18 gm
Depth: surface

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