Drown Cicada II

Topwater bream and bass will be literally crawling out of the water to engulf the new Drown Cicada II. This realistic looking cicada representation features ultra realistic body/paint design, silicone legs and a perfectly balanced body.
Internally the Drown Cicada II is designed to perform. At the top of the body it features a hollow chamber to keep it floating and upright, on a strike the top collapses easily for hook-ups. To prevent the lure from rolling the belly is solid weighted to keep a low centre of gravity.

Rigging 1.

image 1
Rigging direction changes the action, reverse style allows the lure to walk across the surface creating a paddling action, nose rig it and it will slide delicately across the surface.

Rigging 2

image 2

Rigging for best performance depends upon the location. For open water the combination of a  worm hook and treble (rigging image 1) is ideal especially for bream. In heavy cover or weedbeds (rigging image 2) rigging the lure weedless with a size 1  worm hook makes the lure snag proof. When rigged with a worm hook the top chamber collapses easily to allow hook ups.

Type: Floating
Length: 38mm
Weight: 4 g
Depth: Topwater

drown cicada II