Emeraldas Air

Emeraldas is synonymous with high performance eging, and the new Emeraldas Air 2508PE is our highest performance eging reel ever, featuring literally all of Daiwa’s latest technological innovations like Digigear II, Magseal, Magseal Bearings, ATD, Zaion and Zaion Air Rotor.

For ultimate protection and longevity, Air utilizes Daiwa Magseal technology in the rotor to avoid any friction, preventing dust or water intrusion, eliminating oil spray, and improving rotary efficiency and reel life expectancy. Not content with just Magseal in the rotor the Air features  Magseal bearings in the main body.

The pressures of  possible continual water and salt impregnation destroys  bearings quickly. Now with Magseal technology this is an issue of the past. Magsealed bearings are placed either side of the main gear to prevent foreign matter intrusion, increasing rotation smoothness and increasing part longevity.

Everything about is ultimate sensitivity and corrosion resistance,  the body and Air Rotor is made from Zaion, this high-density graphite material is light, strong, sensitive and resists corrosion, it far exceeds the strength of magnesium in strength per unit weight comparison. Zaion transmits vibration through the reel like no other.

ATD or Automatic Tournament Drag, is a new introduction into the Daiwa spinning reel range. The biggest issue with many drag systems is that they are not smooth at the beginning and the spool often has movement under load.

emeraldas air 2508pe-dh

ATD rectifies this issue. ATD involves superior spool support/construction and an all-new drag material/grease. The spool has multiple support points and balance to eliminate any movement or wobble, at the beginning of a strike the drag starts smoothly, then increases to its pre-set drag rating in a fraction of a second, thus eliminating line breakage at the strike.

The  Emeraldas Air introduces innovations and unparalleled designs, with the combination of Magseal, Magseal Bearings, Air Rotor, ATD and Zaion making it Daiwa’s most sensitive technically advanced eging reel ever developed. You will feel more connected to jigs, detect more strikes and fight squid with ease….with Emeraldas Air you have Technology to Feel


  • Real Four
  • Zaion Body
  • Digigear II
  • Mag Seal
  • Magseal Bearings
  • Engine plate
  • Zaion Air Rotor
  • ABS II
  • Air Spool
  • Twistbuster II
  • Airbail
  • ATD – Automatic Tournament Drag
  • EVA ball knob
  • Real Stopper
  • Infinite Anti Reverse
  • Tight Silent Oscillation


Model Name Gear Ratio Ball Bearing Weight (g) Drag Pressure (kg) Spool Capacity
EM 2508PE 4.8 (72 cm) 9 + 1 205 gm 7 PE 0.5-210m, 0.6-190m, 0.8/150m
EM 2508PE-DH 4.8 (72 cm) 10 + 1 225 gm 7 PE 0.5-210m, 0.6-190m, 0.8/150m