Generation Black Baitcaster Rods 2016

The next generation in rod development… Generation Black. The design and development over the past years for the GB series has resulted in some of the finest rod actions available that we have developed in this price point. Not only are they some of our most refined actions but also one of our most attractive series ever, the minimal all black matt finish design is truly unique, stealth like in appearance, and the new Generation Black rod range is one of our hottest releases ever.

Using Daiwa’s HVF (High Volume Fibre) graphite combined with the blank actions based on our flagship rods like Steez and Black Label, we have created an amazing series of rods but at a fraction of the price. To compliment a brilliant blank, we have finished it with quality componentry, and GB rods feature some of the best available for this price range. Using Fuji’s lightweight Alconite guides so to keep the blanks action, these guides provide superior casting, unlimited line flow and line protection. By combining Fuji’s guide technology with Daiwa’s RR (reduced resistance) guide system, the guide placement and sizing allows for the superior casting qualities available from these blanks.

One of the most important parts of a rod is the reel seat, it needs to hold a reel firmly and be comfortable in your hand, GB rods feature Daiwa’s custom made reel seats.

GB baitcaster

The baitcaster rods employ Daiwa’s skeleton, this super low profile reel seat keeps the reel closer to the exposed blank to transfer vibration from the rod and a screw down fore grip. The reel seats are complimented with ultra hard and tough minimalist EVA grips that provide excellent grip and help reduce the weight dramatically.

Finished off in an all-matt black finish with minimal styling, the Generation Black series match perfectly with all Daiwa baitcasters. Giving you tournament quality tackle without tournament quality pricing. If you ever wanted one series of rods to cover all baitcaster lure fishing then the Generation Black series is the series for you.


  • HVF
  • X45
  • Fuji Alconite Guides

Perfectly matched with


Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Recommended Line
Baitcaster 170 cm 1 Heavy Fast 10-28gm 5-9kg
Baitcaster 167 cm 1 Light Fast 3-12gm 1-3kg
Baitcaster 183 cm 1 Heavy Fast 10-28gm 6-12kg
Baitcaster 193 cm 1 Medium Light Regular 3-14gm 3-7kg
Baitcaster 193 cm 1 Medium Heavy Fast 7-21gm 4-9kg
Barking Frog
Baitcaster 203 cm 1 Medium Fast 4-14gm 3-6kg
Baitcaster 203 cm 1 Medium Heavy Fast 7-21gm 5-8kg
Baitcaster 183 cm 3 Medium Fast 3-14gm 2-6kg
Baitcaster 183 cm 3 Medium Heavy Fast 7-21gm 4-7kg
Pork Chop
Baitcaster 183 cm 3 Heavy Fast 14-45gm 5-9kg