Electric reel or Dendoh fishing is increasing in popularity every year. Challenging, rewarding and the ultimate endurance test for tackle, Daiwa’s range of electric reels are unrivalled when it comes to quality and performance, and now have found the perfect partner with the new Grandwave rod series.

Due to the immense pressures placed on the rod when Dendoh fishing, the Grandwave series has been constructed from the strongest materials available, and these combined with Daiwa’s unrivalled designed technologies have given rise to the ultimate rod. By blending graphite with glatech composites we have made an incredibly strong, light, thin and robust rod that is capable of fishing up to 200lb braided lines, and lift the heaviest weights from the deepest depths. This uncompromising design uses a diagonal blank construction process that creates a blank that resists twisting under extreme pressure for less stress, extreme low-end lifting power and greater hook setting power.

The amazing power from the blank is support by a detachable aluminium bent butt, Fuji guides that are heavily wrapped for extra strength and a swivelling roller tip to keep the line in direct contact with the roller at all times. The result is strength, power, comfort and function like only Daiwa can deliver.


The 56HFD model is rated for 60 – 150lb braided line, perfectly matched to our Tanacom 1000, Tanacom Bull 500/1000 or Seaborg 1000 reels. Best suited to water up to 500metres deep this is the ideal model for heavy-duty reef fishing. The rod’s short detachable bent butt also makes it perfect for trailer boat fishing or stand-up fishing on the reefs.


The 66XHFD is the ultimate heavy-duty deep water rod capable of fishing up to 200lb braided line and is best matched with the Tanacom/Tanacom Bull/Seaborg 1000 or the Marine Power 3000 reels. Its long detachable bent butt is designed specifically to being fished directly out of the rod holder and is ideal for fishing the deepest darkest water. If the thrill of chasing the biggest, baddest and tastiest fish from depths well over 1000 metres is your ultimate adventure then matching the 66XHFD to a Marine Power 3000 reel will see you fitted out with the ultimate Dendoh outfit. If the continental shelf is you next fishing destination than this is the rod for you.



  • Ultra powerful light composite blank
  • Detachable long aluminium curved butt
  • Ultra tough shrink wrapped EVA foregrip
  • Heavy duty roller swivel tip guide
  • Heavy duty Fuji guides

Perfectly matched with


Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Line Rating
GW 510HFD DENDOH 2 152cm Heavy Regular PE 80-120lb
GW 56HFD DENDOH 2 167cm Heavy Regular PE 60-150lb
GW 66XHFD DENDOH 2 198cm Extra Heavy Regular PE 80-200lb