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Laguna has been a part of Daiwa’s long history of producing high-performance rods for the budget conscious angler. Light and sharp… that’s the easiest way to describe Daiwa’s latest rod creation. Laguna X is a result of years of research and development, the time taken to create our ultimate budget rod series combining high-end blank innovation, design and components to release a rod range that delivers ultimate performance yet incredible value for money.

The secret to Laguna X is Daiwa’s carbon design, compared to conventional carbon material, our carbon fibres are laid longitudinally with minimal resin use, then rolled at extremely high temperatures and pressure to produce an exceptionally light but super strong blank. By increasing the fibre quantity and massively decreasing the resin quantity it has created increase muscle in a slimmer profile blank, thus resulting in an even stronger, leaner, lighter, sharper rod than ever before. These blanks are incredibly fast and tippy but fold away under pressure in an even arch to displace load through the whole blank for maximum fighting power.

For extra power, Laguna X features Braiding X, this is a new design for Daiwa rods especially in the budget ranges. Braiding X brings high-end technology and performance to rods that are designed for beginners and occasional anglers. While looking modern and stylish, it provides extra power and strength to the lower section of the rod for extra fighting and casting power.



Model Action CastWeight (g) Length Recommended line Section Taper Type Barcode Sku Price
LAGUNA-X 601HFS Heavy 10-28g 6'0"/183cm 6 - 12 kg 1 Fast Spin 043178142288 10240 $79.00
LAGUNA-X 702ULFS Ultra Light 2-10g 7'0"/213cm 2 - 4 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178142219 10241 $79.00
LAGUNA-X 702LFS Light 4-12g 7'0"/213cm 3 - 5 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178142226 10242 $79.00
LAGUNA-X 702MFS Medium 7-21g 7'0"/213cm 3 - 7 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178142233 10243 $79.00
LAGUNA-X 702MHFS Med.Heavy 7-28g 7'0"/213cm 5 – 9 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178142240 10244 $79.00
LAGUNA-X 701LFS Light 4-12g 7'0"/213cm 3 - 5 kg 1 Fast Spin 043178142257 10237 $79.00
LAGUNA-X 701HFS Heavy 10-28g 7'0"/213cm 6 - 12 kg 1 Fast Spin 043178154175 10238 $79.00
LAGUNA-X 802MFS Medium 10-30g 8'0"/244cm 4 - 8 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178154182 10234 $89.00
LAGUNA-X 862MFS Medium 10-30g 8'6"/259cm 4 - 8 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178154120 10235 $89.00
LAGUNA-X 902MHFS Med.Heavy 14-45g 9'0"/274cm 5 – 9 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178154137 10245 $89.00
LAGUNA-X 902XHFS Xtra Heavy 60-120g 9'0"/274cm 10 - 20 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178142264 10236 $99.00
LAGUNA-X 1202HFS Heavy 60-120g 12'0"/366cm 7 - 15 kg 2 Fast Spin 043178154168 10246 $119.00
LAGUNA-X 1303HFS Heavy 90-180g 13'0"/396cm 10 - 15 kg 3 Fast Spin 043178142271 10239 $139.00
LAGUNA-X 1503HFS Heavy 90-180g 15'0"/457cm 10 - 15 kg 3 Fast Spin 043178154144 10248 $159.00

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Model Action CastWeight (g) Length (m) Recommended line Section Taper Type Barcode Sku Price
LAGUNA-X 601HFB Heavy 10-28g 6'0"/183cm 6 - 12 kg 1 Fast Baitcast 043178154151 10247 $79.00

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