Morethan Switch Hitter

The new Morethan Switch Hitter is a high-density compact sinking pencil developed to cast for topwater feeding pelagics. Precision tuned and balanced for long cast performance and unrivalled in its ability to slip and slide with unmatched ease this is the lure that sets a new standard in the “sliding technique”.

The flattened forehead allows the lure to dig in when twitched and ripped at high speed but also allows it to zigzag slide at low speeds. Though twitching and ripping is highly effective it is also equally deadly when cast into a surface feeding school and allowed to sink. On the sink the lure shimmies and slides enticing feeding fish into striking

Built for ultimate strength and big fish capability, the Switch Hitter has been finely balanced, with emphasis placed on an optimum swimming posture. In the water it really stands out from the crowd, with the slightest movement of a rod tip it darts under the surface reminiscent of a fleeing baitfish or sinks imitating a dying baitfish

Big fish beware of the new compact slider assassin, the Morethan Switch Hitter.

Model: 85S
Type: Sinking Stickbait
Length: 85mm
Weight: 20g
Depth: 1m

morethan switch hitter