The first step to having a productive fishing future for a young or beginner angler is getting the right equipment from the beginning. For most people, that means choosing the right type of outfit that will be easy to use, durable, and ultimately fun. Knowing which reel to choose requires a little background knowledge, but for the beginner or junior angler, spincasting reels are one of the best choices.

The most obvious advantage of a spincasting reel is that it is easier to use. For this reason, spincasting reels are extremely popular among casual anglers and children who are just learning to fish. The push-button mechanism and the fact that these reels do not tangle the way more traditional constructions do make spincasting reels a great choice for teaching fishing and avoiding the frustration that could come with the more complex reels. Furthermore, spincasting reels are fairly inexpensive, especially in comparison to some of the higher end baitcasting or spinning reels.

The ease of use is one of spincast reels prime advantages for beginners. One of the other important mechanisms that is different in a spincast reel than in the other types of fishing reel is the push-button function for letting out the line. When using a baitcasting reel, the angler must use his or her thumb to stop the line and prevent what is known as “line overrun.” The spincast reels correct this issue by using a push button that requires a good deal less finesse or practice to let out the line to the proper location.

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With all this in mind Daiwa’s Royalcast reels are the perfect choice. Featuring a rigid construction that supports the gear and oscillation system providing a smooth operation. Spincast anglers will also appreciate the Soft Touch handle knob for increased cranking comfort and a more secure grip.

Matched up to the Royalcast rods and you will have the ideal outfit. The Royalcast rods feature durable and sensitive graphite blanks, cork trigger grips and tough aluminium oxide guides. Designed to match the reels these great little rods are available in 1 or 2 piece models and suit a wide range of fish species from inland redfin to flathead on our coast


  • Metal Construction
  • Tungsten Carbide line pin

Perfectly matched with


Model Sections Length Cast Weight Line rating
RC80/562MFB 2 168cm 7 - 21 gm 4 - 8 kg
RC80/561MFB 1 168cm 7 - 21 gm 4 - 8 kg
RC100/562MFB 2 168cm 7 - 21 gm 4 - 8 kg
RC100/561MFB 1 168cm 7 - 21 gm 4 - 8 kg