Ryoga Bay Jigging

Released in 2009 the Ryoga set a new standard for heavy- duty hi-end baitcasters. Design and performance like we’d never seen before in a round profiled baitcaster, the Ryoga had an impressive flawless rugged exterior matched by an even more impressive list of internal features that delivered precision and perfection like only Daiwa can.

Setting a trend that was yet to follow the Ryoga blew its rivals out of the water with its over sized machine cut gear-box and housing combining with game changing internal technologies such as ultra light super precision extra strong duralumin spool, PE designed level wind, and a water resistant super-sized drag system creating a reel that had no peers when it came to heavy duty baitcasters.

Five years on the Ryoga continues to set the trend for excellence and design advancement with the new Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020 PE SH combining the class and build strength of its predecessor with modern, industry leading technologies and features.

Built to not only withstand, but revel, in the harshest angling environment there is, saltwater jigging, the new Ryoga is quality and performance in true Daiwa style.

The Perfect House

An ultra high rigid precision machine cut super metal housing is where it all starts for the Ryoga.

Made from highly corrosion resistant alloy, the super sturdy mainframe and side plates creates a rock solid foundation that is impervious to the harsh saltwater environment and houses with ultimate protection the reel’s advanced internals and gearing system.

By applying ultra-precision machine cut its own very rigid super

Top Gear

With a gear box 50% thicker than the original, the Ryoga protects like no other, and partners with an oversized master gear constructed from C6191 high tensile brass to create the ultimate gearing system.

Featuring Hyper Digigear, Daiwa’s famous machine cut gear system, results in silky smooth precision meshing between the main and pinion gear, delivering flawless gear function all day, every day.

The oversized high tensile master gear allows for increased gear teeth accuracy and further increases gear meshing, smoothness, strength and refinement.

A seamless double stopper IAR and mechanical anti-reverse system blend with a impressively strong, highly salt resistant ultra tough clutch system to make the gearing design and operation of the new Ryoga the most advanced of any jigging reel ever made.


Mag Sealed

Ryoga continues its trend of being the first, and becomes the first baitcaster to feature Mag Seal technology.

Delivering unrivaled protection in spin reels since it was first introduced in 2010, Mag Seal is a revolutionary system that involves magnetized oil that forms an impenetrable seal that prevents, dust, water and salt intrusion. The later being a major limiting factor and the Achilles heel of saltwater baitcasters.

That was until now, with the Ryoga reveling in the protection and the performance of two Mag Sealed bearings. Located on the pinion gear the result is the elimination of water and salt intrusion, and increased protection and performance.

Slamming the door shut on unwanted intruders Ryoga’s new Mag Seal technology is baitcaster protection and design advancement like you’ve never before.

PE Perfect

PE perfection like no other the Ryoga is designed specifically with braid and PE lines in mind. A fast moving, non-dig-in, no tangle, synchronized level wind allows for trouble-free PE and braided line applications, with line management and bedding issues a thing of the past.

Whether on the drop or on the crank the new synchronized level wind system will deliver you effortless, trouble free jigging. A friction-less taper level winder completes the package making the Ryoga the most PE/braid friendly jigging baitcaster reel ever.

Your favourite jigging PE has a new place to call home with a lightweight, super precision extra strong duralumin spool offering unprecedented spool performance. Lighter, faster and smoother than ever before, the new duralumin spool achieves a new level of performance courtesy of its resistance free, free floating high speed, spool rotation.

Dialed In

It’s never been easier to get dialed with your favourite jigging lure than with the new Ryoga. Designed more as a conventional reel, than a casting reel, it features a two-point centrifugal brake system that allows for lightning fast lure drops. A clicking cast control cap delivers fingertip precision control, a must for fast action jigging sessions.

Life’s A Drag

The ultimate test of any good jigging reel is the drag and Daiwa’s UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag) is the best there is. A waterproof, multi washer drag stack sees the drag now upsized from 5kg of the original Ryoga to a staggering 10kg.

A long arm star drag allows you to crank things up when you need to get serious, while a new clicking drag will keep you up to speed with what’s going on below.

A screaming drag calls for action and Ryoga’s large swept handle will soon have you taking control of the situation. Positioned closer to the axis of the reel to allow for great balance and power, ultimate cranking force is right at hand with function and comfort further enhance with the oversized EVA jigging knob.

Power, comfort, precision and cutting edge performance the new Ryoga Bay Jigging C2020 PE SH once again shows that it has no peers and when it comes to high-speed heavy-duty light jigging reels. Inspired like no other, built like no other, it represents the new, and very advanced face of jigging design.


  • Super sturdy aluminum alloy machine-cut main frame and side plates
  • Over sized master gear made of C6191 high tensile brass in the off-set gear box housing
  • Hyper Digigear
  • Mag Seal bearings
  • Perfect double stopper (IAR and mechanical anti-reverse)
  • 2 point centrifugal brake for fast rig dropping
  • Free floating ultra light super precision extra strong duralumin spool
  • Friction-less tapered level wind
  • Fast moving, non-dig-in, non-tangle, synchronized level wind for PE braided line use
  • Waterproof UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag)
  • Clicking star drag
  • Clicking cast control cap
  • CRBB bearings
  • Swept handle design for less wobble, better feel and maximum winding leverage

Perfectly matched with


Model Gear Ratio #Ball Bearings Wt. (g) Drag Pressure (kg) Spool Capacity
C2025PE-SH 7.4 10+1 350 10 1.5-330, 2-250, 2.5-200