Saltiga Boat

The Saltiga Boat PE is Daiwa’s latest 8 ply PE jigging braid and is available in bulk 1800m spools. Its ultra smooth, round profile is constructed using the latest PE designs and materials for improved casting distance and abrasion resistance. Perfectly suited to spin or overhead reels, and is colour metered every 10 metres, marked white every metre and black every five metres.


  • 8 ply weave
  • Multi colored metered PE
  • Round profile
  • Metered 10, 5 & 1 m increments


Model Length (m) Diameter (mm) Weight
Saltiga Boat 1800 0.31 PE 3/40lb
1800 0.36 PE 4/55lb
1800 PE 5/70lb
1800 0.44 PE 6/80lb
1800 0.50 PE 8/100lb
1800 0.56 PE 10/120lb