Saltiga Dorado Slider 14S

Small in size yet big in performance the 14S is your go-to slider when you want to get in touch with your lighter side. Featuring the famous Dorado Slider build quality and design brilliance few lures look as good, perform as flawlessly and match the 14S for fish catching ability.

The Slider’s legendary sub surface zig-zag action will draw fish in from a far while its aero and hydrodynamic designed body and precision balanced internal weight enables long bullet-like casts and a strong flawless lure movement through the water.

Walk it hard, rip it fast and sink it down to where the fish are waiting the Slider 14S is the little lure to take to the big fish, while its size 1/0 Owner ST-46 trebles ensures they never get away.

Measuring 14cm in length, 40 grams in weight and unwavering in strength courtesy of its welded through wire and heavy-duty welded plastic construction the Saltiga Dorado Slider 14S is the ultimate mid-sized, big fish slider.

Model: SDS 14S
Type: Sinking Slider
Length: 140mm
Weight: 48g
Depth: Subsurface