Saltiga Dorado Slider 18F

Sliding excellence is only a cast away with the Saltiga Dorado Slider allowing you to slide, walk and wander to ultimate angling success.

Slim in profile get big in performance the Slider 18F has a streamlined head and a weight-dispersed design that enables it to walk and slide across the surface with ultimate ease. Its pronounced walk-the-dog action is easily achieved with a controlled retrieve, while a jerky retrieve will see the Slider splash and dart violently in a panicky manner.

A welded through wire construction and 150lb split rings ensures the Slider 18F will never fail under load, while its hard as nail body and finish ensures the lure’s realistic baitfish colour schemes remain as fresh and appealing as the day it come out of the packet.

With an aerodynamic profile and balanced internal design that allows rocket like casts, and a precisely tuned buoyancy that allows effortless retrieves and an enticing action, the Saltiga Dorado Slider 18F is the big topwater to drive big fish crazy.

Model: SDS 18F
Type: Floating Slider
Length: 180mm
Weight: 65g
Depth: Surface