Saltist Demon Blood Big Game

Making a good thing better the new Saltist Demon Blood takes the pedigree and performance of its predecessor and updates it with a new look, cosmetics, components, carbon, and technologies to deliver anglers a series that is striking in looks and possessed in performance and value.

With a “more muscle and less fat” attitude at the core of its design Saltist Demon Blood Big Game combines the reputation of the famous Saltist name with contemporary styling, features and the latest design concepts to release from the crypt a heavy duty rod series that will make your blood boil and awaken the angling demon within.

The Saltist Demon Blood’s BG possession begins with its advanced blank design. Integrating many of Daiwa’s latest and most performance-driven blank technologies including Bias Wrap and Glatech, Demon Blood has few peers when it comes to heavy-duty blank design and technology.

At the heart of the Demon Blood’s blank design is its ultra advanced range of carbon and composites, which are then combined with varying blank design and construction techniques to create specific blanks, for specific actions and specific applications. The outcome is a blank range that is the best the business, and without compromise.

Bias Wrap construction features heavily within the series and involves a cross directional wrapping method in blank construction to eliminate blank twist and distortion to increases rod strength, function, and sensitivity.


Comfort and control go hand in hand with full length ultra tough, EVA grips fitting seamlessly and comfortably in your hand and blending seamlessly with the Demon Blood’s alloy butts to allow you to take complete control of the rod and reel and reap the full benefits and power of the blank.

The Saltist Demon Blood Big Game series takes Daiwa’s state of the art blank design into gamefishing arena.  Gone are the days of heavy thick blanks, this series introduces thin, light blanks to a stand up game rod series like never seen before.

Complimenting these slim powerful blanks are Aftco roller guides, alloying for friction free line control and increased power, plus Pacific Bay alloy butts, available in straight or bent butt configurations to suit your fishing style.

Saltist Demon Blood Big Game is Daiwa’s ultimate heavy duty game rod series.


  • Bias Wrap construction blanks
  • Glatech Construction
  • Aftco Roller Guides
  • Pacific Bay Alloy Butts
  • Ultra tough EVA grips


Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Line Rating
5930AR GAME 2 170 cm Medium Heavy Regular 15 kg
5950AR GAME 2 170 cm Heavy Regular 24kg
5930ARBB GAME 2 170 cm Medium Heavy Regular 15 kg
5950ARBB GAME 2 170 cm Heavy Regular 24 kg