Saltist LDT Big Game

Built like a tank is the best way to describe the Saltist LDT series, these reels are designed to tackle the strongest fish in the sea and will handle ultra heavy braid and monofilament lines.

The LDT has an extremely robust dual drag and be forewarned that putting the reel in maximum drag tension will put the brakes almost completely on any spool movement, regardless of fish size. The secret to the massive braking power is in Daiwa’s DSG505 system which is able to apply pressure to both sides of the brake rotor, thus offering 50% more total drag surface.



  • Infinite spin free spool
  • 7 CRBB ball bearings
  • Choice of easy shifting two-speed model or all purpose single speed model
  • Dual point gear shaft
  • Dual-disc drag
  • Preset lever drag
  • Unitized aluminium frame and left side plate
  • Machined aluminium spool


Model Gear Ratio #Ball Bearings Wt. (g) Drag (kg) Spool Capacity
LDT 30-II 4.1/1.7 7+1 1090 14 30lb/570m
LDT 30 5.1 7+1 1026 14 30lb/570m