Silver Creek AGS

Traditional looks combined with the latest technology, Silver Creek AGS is the passionate and specialized trout anglers dream rod series.

Developed over many years, Silver Creek AGS aim was to produce the lightest most technically advanced trout rods available and at the centre of the development is SVF carbon and the most technical guide system ever developed, AGS (Air Guide System).

Daiwa has never been satisfied with the progressive development of guides made from traditional materials, so we pursued the evolution of the material itself. Our quest lead us to the development of own guides made from the lightest, strongest and most sensitive material available – graphite.

AGS’s main feature is its unique graphite frame that’s more sensitive than metal, lighter, stronger and more rigid than any other guide ever made. By using graphite we have taken rod design and lure fishing to another level that allows for faster casts, greater distance, increased accuracy, decreased rod vibration and a massive increase in sensitivity. AGS is “Technology to Feel”.

With new guides comes a new blank with the Silver Creek range featuring Daiwa’s highest quality carbon, SVF, the most sensitive carbon ever manufactured. By combining Bias Wrap Construction with our new X45 design the result is a blank that has incredible wall thinness, sensitivity, lightness, and unsurpassed power and strength. The role call of features doesn’t end there with the blank possessing massive hoop strength, eliminating blank twist and distortion that allows for faster more accurate casting.

A great blank also needs quality componentry and Silver Creek’s feature our most comfortable, stylish and sensitive reel seat ever. The new reel seat is a combination of triple A grade cork and machined alloy components, to make it highly sensitive and incredibly light, yet still have that “traditional” trout image

Passionate trout anglers will appreciate the traditional image and relish in the highest technology available that has been used to produce Daiwa’s finest specialist trout spinning rods ever – Silver Creek AGS.


  • SVF
  • Fuji
  • X45
  • Vjoint
  • Natural cork grips

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Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
64L Spin 2 193 cm Light Regular 2 - 10 gm 0.9 – 2.6 kg
66ML Spin 2 198 cm Medium Light Regular 3 – 14 gm 1.4 – 5.4 kg
68UL Spin 2 203 cm Ultra Light Regular 1.5 – 8 gm 0.9 – 2.6 kg