Silver Creek SSS

The revitalized trout streams in southern Australia have seen the return of some of the most amazing trout fishing in the past decade. This year Daiwa has expanded its specialized stream trout rod range with the new Silver Creek SSS series.

The new Silver Creek SSS rods are made with HSD graphite, with a micro pitch taper to retain the strength in such a thin blank. The soft regular taper is perfect for short pinpoint casts into tight pocket water for stream trout, jungle perch and stream sooty grunter. This is the ideal rod for soft mouthed fish like trout with fine lines and hooks, once hooked up the rod will easily fold and absorb the impact of a struggling or jumping trout, eliminating the hooks tearing out or snapping your line.

Finished off with a cork body reel seat for comfort and sensitivity, triple A grade cork grips for weight reduction/sensitivity and Fuji alconite  KR guides for line protection and increased casting performance, the Silver Creek SSS rods are matched perfectly with the new Silver Creek spinning reels.

Ideally the SC rods should be matched with a finesse reel like the Silver Creek, these reels are made specifically for trout fishing as they have a very shallow spool that keeps line use to a minimum and an ultra light smooth drag so even the lightest lines won’t break.

The Silver Creek SSS rods are the perfect choice for trout stream anglers.

silver creek sss


Perfectly matched with


  • HSD graphite blanks
  • Micro pitch taper
  • Fuji Alconite KR Guides
  • Cork body reel seats
  • Natural cork grips
  • Triple A grade Cork Grips
  • Technique specific actions


Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Recommended Line
SC 604ULFS Spin 180cm 4 Ultra Light Regular 1-5gm 1 - 2 kg
SC 604LFS Spin 180cm 4 Light Regular 2-8gm 1 - 3 kg
SC 602LFS Spin 180cm 2 Light Regular 2 - 10 gm 1 - 3 kg
SC 682LFS Spin 203 cm 2 Light Regular 2 - 10 gm 1 - 3 kg
SC 762MLFS Spin 229 cm 2 Medium Light Regular 3 - 14 gm 2 - 4 kg