Silver Wolf Shad 40

Inspired! Technically refined! Supremely bold! Silver Wolf puts you in control! Technique specific equipment, with technology to feel. Designed for the Australian Enthusiast Bream Angler, with strong Japanese cues and grounded in Japanese Chinu Shoregame culture.

Silver Wolf offers a strong endorsement of Japanese and Australian collaboration. Silver Wolf is a collaboration of technique, a collaboration of style and a collaboration of attitude.

As shad shape lures go, the SW Shad 40 was designed from the ground up for Australian Bream anglers, one of the essential bream deep diving  shads now available. On the crank the Shad 40 dives at an extreme angle, attaining maximum depth quickly and keeps its depth all the way to the boat or shore where it will swim/crank at a steep angle to the rod tip.

At only 40mm long, the Shad 40 is the perfect choice for deep structure bream, but also equally effective on bass, trout and estuary perch.  Representing an irresistible, scattering baitfish  it can be fished with a flat crank or ripped in an erratic motion.


SW-SHAD-colours 2

Designed for a variety of deep water and structure tactics this  shad lure has a slim shad shape, deep diving bib and features Daiwa’s ultra sharp DTreble Saq Sas trebles that allow for easy hook-ups from even the wariest of fish. Saq Sas hook plating results in trebles that are sharper, less prone to corrosion, and enable increased hook penetration by up to 40%.

Model: SW S40
Type:  Shad
Length: 40mm
Weight: 3.5gm
Depth: 2.5 m