Tanacom Bull Interline

Brute power meets advanced design and true Daiwa innovation and ingenuity in the Tanacom Bull Interline series.

Bringing the performance and design brilliance of interline technology into the realm of big fish and the power of denoh fishing Tanacom Bull Interline heralds a new age in power fish, an age where strength and power combines with modern precision design for unrivaled performance.

The long held dream of a denoh rod that is powerful, light, sensitive, and free of the limitations and pitfalls of a traditional guided rod has become a reality with the Tanacom Bull Interline series. Guide free, tangle free, and stress free the Tanacom Bull Interline is denoh fishing like you’ve never seen before.

Killer Curves

It all begins with the Tanacom’s killer curves with a powerful, composite graphite interline blank resulting in a rod that’s loaded with power and loads evenly through the entire blank.

Unlike guided rods which create an uneven segmented curve with high stress points the interline blank allows the rod to load evenly for the elimination of stress points and line tangles, thusly allowing the blank to deliver maximum power and perfect power distribution.

Being guide-free also means the action of the blank isn’t degraded by excess weight, allowing the blank’s action to be fully achieved.

Take it Inside

The interline guide systems sees the traditional external frame-and-insert guide system replaced by a system that takes the line inside the blank for improved performance and power.

Featuring a silicone carbide entrance guide, 360-degree tip outlet guide with cut proof silicone carbide insert ring, and an internal spiral configuration that features 200 linear contact points located on highly sensitive carbon, interlines are more sensitive, reduce line friction and torque, and allow the maximum utilisation of blank power and performance.

The elimination of guides also means no line tangles, no guide breakages, even line control, and easier rod storage. No guides also means no slack line. Standard guided rods can have up to 30 centimetres of slack line due to the segmented guide distribution, whereas interline provides even line distribution, allowing the subtlest of bites to be felt and faster reactions and strikes to be applied. This even distribution of line along the entire structure of the rod also allows for smoother retrieves and ultra smooth drag pressure.

Taking Hold

A detachable long aluminium curved butt allows the full power and performance of the Tanacom Bull Interline’s blank to be applied and felt, while an ultra tough shrink wrapped EVA foregrip provides ultimate in-hand comfort, control, and power.

Striking in looks, stunningly innovative, and flawless in action the Tanacom Bull Interline is the denoh rod of tomorrow designed and ready for the angler of today.


  • Powerful composite graphite interline blank
  • Silicone carbide entrance guide
  • 360-degree tip outlet guide with cut proof Silicone Carbide insert ring
  • Stainless steel line feeder
  • Detachable long aluminium curved butt
  • Ultra tough shrink wrapped EVA foregrip


Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Line Rating
TB 56XXH-i Dendoh 2 167cm Heavy Regular PE 60-100LB
TB 66XXH-Li Dendoh 2 198cm Heavy Regular PE 60-100LB