TD Battler

The TD Battler series at the turn of the century was regarded as Daiwa’s ultimate rod series, now in 2013 it’s back, designed, developed and delivering all our latest technological rod developments. TD Battler is “Ready for Action”… so it’s time to cast and destroy.

The re-introduction of Battler signifies the future direction of Daiwa’s rods. Developed over many years, its aim is to produce the lightest most technically advanced rods available and at the centre of the development is the most technical guide system ever developed, the impressive AGS (Air Guide System).


Daiwa has never been satisfied with the progressive development of guides made from traditional materials, so we pursued the evolution of the material itself. Our quest lead us to the development of own guides made from the lightest, strongest and most sensitive material available – graphite.

AGS’s main feature is its unique graphite frame that’s more sensitive than metal, lighter, stronger and more rigid than any other guide ever made. By using graphite we have taken rod design and lure fishing to another level that allows for faster casts, greater distance, increased accuracy, decreased rod vibration and a massive increase in sensitivity. AGS is “Technology to Feel”.

With new guides comes a new blank with the Battler range featuring Daiwa’s highest quality carbon, SVF, the most sensitive carbon ever manufactured. By combining Bias Wrap Construction with our new X45 design the result is a blank that has incredible wall thinness, sensitivity, lightness, and unsurpassed power and strength. The role call of features doesn’t end there with the blank possessing massive hoop strength, eliminating blank twist and distortion that allows for faster more accurate casting.


A great blank also needs quality componentry and Battler’s feature our most comfortable and sensitive reel seat ever, Airbeam. The seat is attached directly to the blank and the reel foot is surrounded by the seat, thus increasing sensitivity, comfort and stability. Partnering the Airbeam seat are Air foam grips- stronger and more sensitive than cork or EVA, and custom made alloy componentry.


A synergy of Daiwa’s latest and most advanced rod technologies the Battler range is cutting edge technology meets precision and perfection. A condition that all discerning anglers will gravitate toward and high end users will fall in love with.

TD Battler AGS is the ultimate in “Technology to Feel”.

TDBA 641ULXS-ST – The Mighty Midget features Megatop technology for ultimate sensitivity and ultra light casting. Perfect for short accurate casting with light plastics and small hard bodies.

TDBA 681ULXS-ST – The Noodle Master features Megatop technology for ultimate sensitivity and ultralight casting. Ideal for casting distances with ultra light plastics and small hard bodies.

TDBA 6111MLXS-ST – The Feral Kat features Megatop technology for ultimate sensitivity and ultralight casting. This is a finesse model with power, the light tip will cast unweighted plastics yet the power in the lower section is able to pull almost anything from structure.


TDBA 701ULFS – The Water Zombie is the perfect rod for lightweight lures and topwaters, and is particularly suited for hard body fishing for finicky and soft-mouthed fish.

TDBA 701LFS – The Beowolf is the classic bream style rod, light and fast for accurate casting with small lures but with power to burn to extract fish from cover.

TDBA 701MLFS – The Thunderstorm is a great all rounder, perfect for all types of lure fishing in saltwater, estuaries and freshwater.

TDBA 701MFS – The Power Junkie, the name says it all, this is the best all-round medium to heavy weight lure spinning rod, ideal for casting larger lure, topwaters and plastics for big fish in structure.

TDBA 701HFS – The Hot Dog is one of our most famous actions, it has the ultimate power for lure fishing for big fish in heavy cover.


TDBA 762ULFS – The Kung Fu Prancer is the perfect rod for casting long distances with lightweight lures, and is particularly suited for hard body fishing for finicky and soft mouthed fish.

TDBA 7102HFS – The Chilli Dog is one of the heaviest rods and well suited for casting lures and soft plastics long distances at large surface feeding fish or distance casting across flats.

TDBA 862MHFS – The Shorehunter is the ultimate mid weigh rod for shore casting lures and soft plastics. Its soft tip will cast lightweights long distances and its powerful lower section will put the hurt on any fish.


  • SVF Compile X graphite blanks
  • Bias Wrap Construction
  • AGS – Air Guide System
  • X45
  • Megatop
  • V-joint
  • Daiwa Airbeam reel seats
  • Air Foam grips
  • Custom alloy componentry

Perfectly matched with


Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
TDBA 641ULXS-ST Mighty Midget Spin 1 6’4″ Ultra Light Fast 1-3g 1-3kg
TDBA 681ULXS-ST Noodle Master Spin 1 6’8″ Ultra Light Fast 1-3g 1-3kg
TDBA 6111MLXS-ST Feral Kat Spin 1 6’11″ Medium Light Fast 1-6g 1-4kg
TDBA 701ULFS Water Zombie Spin 1 7’0” Ultra Light Fast 0.5 – 4g 1-2kg
TDBA 701LFS Beowolf Spin 1 7’0” Light Fast 2-7g 2-4kg
TDBA 701MLFS Thunderstorm Spin 1 7’0” Medium Light Fast 4-12g 3-6kg
TDBA 701MFS Power Junkie Spin 1 7’0” Medium Fast 7-21g 4-8kg
TDBA 701HFS Hot Dog Spin 1 7’0” Heavy Fast 7-28g 6-10kg
TDBA 762ULFS Kung Fu Prancer Spin 2 7’6” Ultra Light Fast 0.5-4g 1-2kg
TDBA 7102HFS Chilli Dog Spin 2 7’10” Heavy Fast 7-28g 6-10kg
TDBA 862MHFS Shorehunter Spin 2 8’6” Medium Heavy Fast 14-45g 6-9kg