TD HYPER – Baitcaster

Rocketing onto the scene is Daiwa’s latest weapon – TD Hyper. Combining Daiwa’s cutting edge blank design with unmatched value the TD Hyper series is undeniably impressive and is built to perform. Light, powerful and designed for ultimate strength and performance this is the baitcaster series that delivers unrivalled value and unmatched performance.

The foundation of TD Hyper’s impressive performance is Daiwa’s famous HVF Nanoplus graphite technology. HVF combines precise resin control with unidirectional graphite fibre to produce a blank with maximum graphite density, and by adding Nano resin with unidirectional HVF graphite fiber we have produced a blank with maximum graphite density. Light, responsive, and crisp in action… “HVF Nanoplus” is unrivaled. More muscle and less fat is the name of the game with HVF Nanoplus.

Light, responsive, and crisp in action, TD Hyper blank performance is further enhanced courtesy of Daiwa’s premier blank technology, X45. X45 works seamlessly to improve rod performance, and eliminate blank twist and distortion to increase rod strength, function, and sensitivity. The elimination of twist allows the blank to retain its round profile and optimum power and performance.

X45 allows a lighter a small diameter blank to be made, and a lighter more dynamic, higher performing rod to be created.

team daiwa hyper

Fuji’s lightweight O Ring guides enhances blank action, providing superior casting, and unlimited line flow and protection.

By combining Fuji’s guide technology with Daiwa’s RR (reduced resistance) guide design system, the result is optimum guide sizing, placement, and balance, ensuring superior casting performance from the blank.

Bold, striking in looks, and performance focused in its design the TD Hyper baitcaster series presents some of the best designs and technologies Daiwa has to offer. If you looking for great value for money without compromising on quality and performance then the TD Hyper series is tailor made for you. 


  • HVF Nanoplus
  • X45
  • Fuji Alconite O ring Guides
  • Daiwa Surround Hold reel seats
  • Custom alloy componentry


Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Line rating
601HFB Baitcaster 1 183 cm Heavy Fast 10 - 28 gm 6 - 10 kg
641MLFB Baitcaster 1 193 cm Medium Light Fast 4 - 12 gm 2 - 5 kg
641MHFB Baitcaster 1 193 cm Medium Heavy Fast 7 - 21 gm 4 - 7 kg